Only Drivers, and only in the Alliance Station. During a Match, each Team may have up to three (3) Drive Team Members in their Alliance Station and all Drive Team Members must remain in their Alliance Station for the duration of the Match. Drive Team Members are prohibited from any of the following actions during a Match:
  • Bringing / using any sort of communication devices into / in the Alliance Station. Devices with communication features turned off (e.g., phones in airplane mode) are allowed.
  • Standing on any sort of object during a Match, regardless of whether the field is on the floor or elevated.
  • Bringing / using additional materials to simplify the game challenge during a Match.
  • <G7c> is intended to refer to non-Robot-related items that directly influence gameplay, such as using a fan to influence opponent Discs traveling through the air. Provided no other rules are violated, examples such as the following are not considered violations of <G7>:
  • Materials used before or after a Match, such as a pre-Match alignment aid, or a carrying case for Robots / Controllers
  • Strategic aids, such as a whiteboard or clipboard
  • Earplugs, gloves, or other personal accessories
  • Note: Drive Team Members are the only Team members that are allowed to be in the Alliance Station during a Match. Note 2: During a Match, Robots may be operated only by the Drive Team Members and / or by software running on the Robot’s control system, in accordance with <R25> and <G8>.
    Violation Notes: Major Violations of this rule are not required to be Match Affecting, and could invoke Violations of other rules, such as <G1>, <G2>, or <G6>.