Use common sense. When reading and applying the rules in this document, please remember that common sense always applies in the VEX Robotics Competition.
For example…
  • If there is an obvious typographical error (such as “per <T5>” instead of “per <G5>”), this does not mean that the error should be taken literally until corrected in a future update.
  • Understand the realities of the VEX V5 Robot construction system. For example, if a Robot could hover above the Field for a whole Match, that would create loopholes in many of the rules. But... they can’t. So don’t worry about it.
  • When in doubt, if there is no rule prohibiting an action, it is generally legal. However, if you have to ask whether a given action would violate <S1>, <G1>, or <T1>, then that’s probably a good indication that it is outside the spirit of the competition.
  • In general, Teams will be given the “benefit of the doubt” in the case of accidental or edge-case rules infractions. However, there is a limit to this allowance, and repeated or strategic infractions will still be penalized.
  • This rule also applies to Robot rules. If a component’s legality cannot be easily / intuitively discerned by the Robot rules as written, then Teams should expect additional scrutiny during inspection. This especially applies to those rules which govern non-VEX components (e.g. <R9>, <R10>, <R11>, etc). There is a difference between “creativity” and “lawyering”.