No Trapping for more than 5 seconds. A Robot may not Trap an opposing Robot for more than five seconds (0:05) during the Driver Controlled Period.
  • A Trap ends once the Trapping Robot has moved away and the Robots are separated by at least two (2) feet (approximately one [1] foam tile).
  • After ending a Trap, a Robot may not Trap the same Robot again for a duration of five seconds (0:05). If a Team does Trap the same Robot again within five seconds (0:05), the count will resume from where it ended when the Trapping Robot initially backed away.
  • Point A is the only way for a Trapping count to end. See Q&A 1351 for more details.
    Note: There is no penalty for Traps which begin during the Endgame, but <G15a> and <G15b> apply to all Traps that begin before the final ten (10) seconds of the Match. If a Robot initiates a Trap before the Endgame and does not separate for at least two (2) feet and five (5) seconds before resuming the Trap, the count will resume as described in <G15b>.