Pre-match setup. At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must meet the following criteria: Not contacting any Blocks, Goals or their supporting structure, Starting Pegs, or other Robots. Fit within an 11” wide x 20” long x 15” high (279mm x 508mm x 381mm) volume, as checked during inspection per <R3>. Contacting the inside and/or top face of the Field Perimeter wall that is between Goals I and II. See Figure 19. Have no motors or other mechanisms in motion or “running” until the Match begins. Pre-charging a pneumatic system (i.e., having the Pneumatic Pump running prior to the Match) is the only permitted exception to this rule.

Figure 19: Robots in a legal pre-Match starting position.
Violation Notes: Any Violation of this rule will result in the Robot being removed from the Field prior to the start of the Match; rules <R3d> and <T6> will apply until the situation is corrected. They will not receive a Disqualification, but they will not be permitted to play in the Match.
Note: There are no specific starting positions, as long as the above criteria are met. Head Referees may ask Teams to temporarily move their Robot between two of the black lines on the Field for a size check, but there is no requirement for them to start the Match in that location once the size has been verified. Significant Q&As:
  • 1654 - Robots can “hover” over (but not contact) Blocks in the Starting Position
  • 1705 - Drive Team Members may adjust Blocks slightly around Robot
  • 1761 - The Robot can overhang the Field Perimeter in its Starting Position