All Scoring statuses are evaluated after the Match ends, once all Scored Blocks, Field Elements, and Robots on the Field come to rest. The Match ends when the field timer display shows 0:00.
  • This rule’s intent is for Driver inputs and Robot motion to cease at the end of the Match, when the Match timer reaches 0:00. A pre-programmed routine which causes Robot motion to continue after the end of the Match would violate the spirit of this rule. Any Scoring which takes place after the Match due to Robots continuing to move will not count.
  • Any Scoring into Goals which happens after the Match, even if Robots have stopped moving, will result in that Goal being considered “empty”. All Blocks in the Goal will receive zero points, and the Goal will not receive any points for a Uniform Bonus. The Goal will not have reached any Fill Level, therefore no Height Bonus will be awarded.
  • Violation Notes: A Team’s first instance of Scoring after the end of the Match (e.g., Scoring a Block, Clearing a Starting Peg, Clearing the Supply Zone, or Parking) will be considered a Minor Violation. Subsequent Violations will be recorded as Major Violations and Disqualifications.
    Significant Q&As:
  • 1955 - All Scoring actions that occur after the buzzer are Violations