Robots must pass inspection. The Team’s Robot must pass inspection before being allowed to participate in any Matches. Noncompliance with any Robot design or construction rule will result in removal from Matches or Disqualification of the Robot at an event until the Robot is brought back into compliance, as described in the following subclauses.
  • Significant changes to a Robot, such as a partial or full swap of Subsystem 3, must be re-inspected before the Robot may compete again.
  • All possible functional Robot configurations must be inspected before being used in competition.
  • Teams may be asked to submit to random spot inspections by Head Referees. Refusal to submit will result in Disqualification. If a Robot is determined to not be legal before a Match begins, the Robot will be removed from the Field. A Driver may remain so that the Team does not get assessed a “no-show” (per <T5>).
  • Robots which have not passed inspection (i.e., that are in Violation of one or more Robot rules) will not be permitted to play in any Matches until they have done so. <T6> will apply to any Matches that occur until the Robot has passed inspection.
  • If a Robot has passed inspection, but is later found to be in Violation of a Robot rule during or immediately following a Match, then they will be Disqualified from that Match and <R3d> / <T6> will apply until the Violation is remedied and the Team is re-inspected.
  • All inspection rules are to be enforced at the discretion of the Head Referee within a given event. Robot legality at one event does not automatically imply legality at future events. Robots which rely on “edge-case” interpretations of subjective rules, such as whether a decoration is “non-functional” or not, should expect additional scrutiny during inspection.