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2024 JROTC Discover Drones Remote Championship

Presented by the REC Foundation and PCS Edventures

1-Mar-2024 - 1-Apr-2024 Add to Calendar
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2-Jan-2024 12:00 EST
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28-Mar-2024 23:00 EDT
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22-Mar-2024 16:00 EDT
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General Info

2024 JROTC Remote Discover Drones Championship Presented by the REC Foundation and PCS Edventures


Who can participate?

This Championship event is a private event for JROTC Units that have the PCS Edventures RubiQ Drone.  This event is a culminating event to provide a fun and exciting opportunity for JROTC Units to test their RubiQ Drone flying skills. This event is a Remote option for teams that are not able to attend the In-Person Discover Drones Championship.  If your team is interested in competing in-person, please go to this event website for more information.

Outside organizations are not allowed to participate in this event. 

Competition Game Information

The 2024 Spin Out Game Manual is available in the Documents section and should be carefully reviewed to understand the game objectives, field layout and rules.  Your Edventures RubiQ kits include the necessary field equipment to setup and practice at your school in preparation for this event.

Details about how to conduct your Official Competition Runs remotely is covered in the Remote Competition Rules section of this event page.

Registration Information

JROTC Units that would like to participate in this remote event will need to register by March 15th.  The Championship event fee is $75 per JROTC team.  Please note that JROTC Units can compete as a single team or register multiple teams.  

Registration Instructions for a JROTC Unit registering only ONE TEAM

  1. The JROTC Unit SASI (Senior Aerospace Science Instructor) must create an account on (if they do not already have one).  
  2. Login to and go to the JROTC Discover Drones Remote Championship website in RobotEvents (current page) to register your team. 
  3. Check if your name is listed under the "Workshop Members" drop-down menu and select "Register Selected Workshop Members".  If your name is not listed, Select the "Register Yourself For This Event" button.  
  4. Folllow the prompts to complete the registration for your JROTC team. 

Registration Instructions for a JROTC Unit registering MULTIPLE TEAMS

Note: If you would like assistance in this process, please contact Lisa Schultz ([email protected]) at RECF.

  1. The JROTC Unit SASI (Senior Aerospace Science Instructor) must create an account on (if they do not already have one).  
  2. Login to and go to the JROTC Discover Drones Remote Championship website in RobotEvents (current page) to register your team. 
  3. You will need to create separate Workshop members for EACH team that would like to participate in your JROTC unit.  The Workshop member can be the same person, but the name should indicate the team number for your Unit.  For example:
    • Workshop Member: Jane Doe Team A
    • Workshop Member: Jane Doe Team B
    • Workshop Member: Jane Doe Team C
  4. Once you have created your Workshop members with the corresponding Team Numbers, select one of the Workshop members in the drop-down box and select "Register Selected Workshop Member". Complete the registration survey for the first Workshop Member and the $75 event registration fee will be added to your cart for the first Team.
  5. Return to the event page and repeat this process for the remaining Workshop Members that correspond to the number of teams your JROTC Unit would like to compete.  
  6. Verify the Orders that have been created in your account are correct (if you are registering 3 Teams, you should see 3 Orders @ $75 each).


JROTC Unit vs JROTC Team

JROTC Unit: A JROTC Unit is a group of students from a single school/organization that identify under a single Unit number and are supervised by one or more Senior Aerospace Science Instructors.

JROTC Team: A JROTC Team for the JROTC Discover Drones Championship that consists of students from a single JROTC Unit.  A JROTC Unit may consist of a single team or the unit may have multiple teams.  


Age / Grade Level:
High School Students

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 1-Mar-2024 - 1-Apr-2024

Remote, Mississippi 38606
United States

Contact Information

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JROTC Teams must complete their Official Competition Runs between March 1st - April 1st, 2024.



Emergency/Bad Weather Policy


Refund and Payment Policies

No refunds will be given after a team completes their payment.

Health and Safety Policies

All events and event attendees are required to follow all local, state, federal, or any other government ordinances regarding safety procedures, social distancing, and best hygiene practices. 

Date: 1-Mar-2024 - 1-Apr-2024
Remote, Mississippi 38606
United States

Travel Info


Remote Competition Rules

JROTC Teams that will be competiting remotely will need to comply with the Remote Competition Rules.  If a team is found to be in violation of one of these rules, their team will be Disqualified and all run scores will be removed.

Remote Venue Rules

  1. The JROTC Unit will be required to provide a minimum of (1) Timing Referee and (1) Safety Referee.  The Timing and Safety Referee must be adults (18+) and cannot be students on a current JROTC team participating in this event.
  2. The JROTC SASI will be responsible for verifying the Course Layout is correct per Appendix A of the Spin Out Game Manual.
  3. The JROTC SASI, Timing Referee or the Safety Referee must perform the Drone Check-In Inspection Checklist and Drone Pre-Flight Inpsections prior to completing Official Competition Runs per Appendix B of the Spin Out Game Manual.
  4. Teams must abide by local and federal laws regarding flying drones in their outdoor environment, including using Remote ID brodcast modules for events that take place outside of FRIAs if required by law.

Official Competition Run Rules

JROTC Teams registered for this event will be emailed a link by March 1st.  This link will provide an online form to submit the team's (3) Official Competition Run times.  

  1. The JROTC SASI must be present for the Competition Runs and they are responsible for verifying their Official Run time and verifying the Spin Out Game Manual rules have been followed.
  2. Only the JROTC SASI can submit Official Competition Run times for a team, and only one submission per JROTC team will be accepted.  If additional submissions are received, only the first submission will be recorded.
  3. The Timing Referee will record (3) Official Competition Run Times per JROTC Team to the nearest tenth of a second. 
  4. Official Competition Runs must be completed between March 1st - April 3rd, 2024.
  5. All Competition Runs times must be submitted no later than 20:00 CT on April 3rd 2024.  Scores submitted after this deadline will not be counted.


There will be three awards given for the Remote JROTC Discover Drones Championship Event:

  • 1st Place 
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place

These awards will be given based on the team that records the best run time per Section 5 of the 2024 Spin Out Game Manual.