Scott County VEX IQ Coaches' Camp


Event Code: RE-WORKSHOP-19-8359

Program: Workshops & Camps

Type of Event: Workshop

Capacity: 23 / Spots Open: 1

Price: $50.00

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Date: 07/22/2019
Scott County Robotics @ Mid-America Science Park
821 South Lake Road South
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170
United States

Travel Info

821 South Lake Rd. S., Scottsburg, IN 47170

Take Exit 29, State Rd. 56, off of I-65. Turn West. 

Turn Left onto South Lake Rd. South.

Mid-America Science Park is on the left.

Refund Policy


Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

If bad weather, please contact Bobbie Foster at 812-722-3508.


If you are an experienced Coach, Judge, or other Technical Expert and would like to share your knowledge, please contact Bobbie Foster,


Tentative Schedule

9:00 am Camp Begins
Break for Lunch
2:00 pm Camp Ends

Tentative Topics To Cover:

  1. Introduce new season’s competition game, "Squared Away"
  2. Explain the VEXIQ program and competition details
    1. Competition (League & Tournament)
    2. World Skills Standings (Driver & Autonomous)
    3. Awards: Rubrics, Standards
    4. Engineering Design Notebook
    5. Robot Events
      1. Registering, Paying
      2. Uploading Student Release Forms
    6. STEM Research Project
    7. Online Challenges
  3. Resources
    1. VEX IQ Forum, VIQC Hub, VEX Via
    2. Technical Experts/ Mentors/ Round the World research
    3. Lesson Plans V. Just do it
    4. Programming Platforms (Python, RobotC, ModKit)
    5. Equipment Management
      1. Firmware & VEX OS Utility
      2. Battery Life
      3. Purchasing
  4. Determine YOUR program goals
    1. Intramural, Competition
    2. Student Centered & Student Roles (design, build, drive, program,…)
    3. Parent participation
    4. REC Code of Conduct

Event Dates

Date: 07/22/2019


Scott County Robotics @ Mid-America Science Park
821 South Lake Road South
Scottsburg, Indiana 47170
United States

Grade Level: All

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: No

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Bobbie Foster
Title: Director
Phone: 812-722-3508
Event Day Phone: 812-722-3508

Secondary Contact
Jordan Warner
Title: Director
Phone: 812-701-0518
Event Day Phone: 812-701-0518

General Info

Scott County Robotics and Mid-America Science Park will be hosting a Coach's Camp in Scottsburg, Indiana.  If you are a new or not-so-new coach, please join us for a day of learning how to navigate REC's VEX IQ competition season.  We will introduce the new "Squared Away" 2019/20 game; discuss League, Tournament, Skills, and online participation; the Design Engineering Notebook; and share resources. Please read the agenda for our planned list of topics.  We hope to give you the tools so that YOU can determine the goals for YOUR robotics program.

A certificate with Professional Growth Points will be provided to all participants of the Coaches' Camp.