VEX IQ Challenge Introduction for Coaches and Mentors


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Date and Time:    
    11/14/2017 05:00 PM - (Pacific Time)     

    1.5 hours    



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      (712) 770-4142    

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Date: 11/14/2017
Robot Mesh
12326 134th Court Northeast
Redmond, Washington 98052
United States

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If you would like to join us in person, our address is 12326 134th Court NE, Redmond, WA 98052, phone 800-839-9205 x701.

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No fee for this event!

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

If it snows, we will cancel the workshop, otherwise it goes on rain or shine. Probably rain, though. It's November in western Washington.


We do not need volunteers for this event.


This is a 90-minute session, with an optional 30-minute discussion at the end.

5:00 Workshop starts

6:30 Workshop ends

7:00 Discussion ends

Event Dates

Date: 11/14/2017


Robot Mesh
12326 134th Court Northeast
Redmond, Washington 98052
United States

Grade Level: All

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: No

TSA Event: No

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Rick Tyler
Title: Director, Education
Phone: 4254579154
Event Day Phone: 4254579154

Secondary Contact
Anthony Bowker
Title: President
Phone: 4257933172
Event Day Phone: 4257933172

General Info

Call-in and online meeting information in the "WEBCAST" tab.

Schedule is on the "AGENDA" tab. In short: 5:00 Workshop starts, and ends at 6:30 PST.

See "DOCUMENTS" tab for PDF of the presentation and the Robot Mesh resource document.

This is an in-the-trenches introduction to participating in the VEX IQ Challenge for coaches and mentors. No philosophy, no sales pitch, this is simply the information you need to get your VIQC program off to a solid start.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the players (RECF, VEX, IFI, VEX Robotics Competition)
  • Getting started "To Do" list
  • Robot Events
  • Getting your students rolling
  • Buying parts and storing them
  • Planning your season

NOTE: This workshop is free, and we especially invite experienced coaches to share their expertise.

This workshop is led by Rick Tyler of Robot Mesh. Rick started Exothermic Robotics, one of the first VEX teams in the Pacific Northwest, in 2006, and is still involved in a leadership role with that program today. He spent seven years working for VEX Robotics and the REC Foundation as the regional manager for the northwest and director of the Online Challenge program, and has been with Robot Mesh as head of its Education efforts since early 2016. He is excited about sharing this experiences wth you.