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University of North Dakota VRC Tournament

Blended VRC State Qualifier Hosted by the College of Engineering and Mines

3-Feb-2024 Add to Calendar
Event Code
VEX V5 Robotics Competition
Event Type
Event Format
Field Control System
Smart Field Control
Spots Open
Event Region
North Dakota
Max Registrations per Organization
Standard Registration Opens
16-Oct-2023 16:00 EDT
Registration Deadline
29-Jan-2024 16:00 EST
Payment Deadline
3-Feb-2024 06:58 EST
Region Maximum % # Spots Allowed # Spots Remaining
Minnesota 75% 45 5
North Dakota 50% 30 15
This event is closed to registration because:
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

Welcome to the University of North Dakota's VEX Robotics Tournament, a premier robotics competition hosted by the College of Engineering and Mines. This event promises an exhilarating showcase of innovation, teamwork, and technical prowess. Organized by the University's passionate robotics community, including members of our own esteemed University Robotics Teams, this tournament is a testament to the enduring spirit of technological advancement.

Taking place in the splendid Memorial Ballroom, a newly constructed gem on our campus, the tournament provides an ideal backdrop for intense competition and collaborative camaraderie. Situated within this remarkable venue, participants and spectators alike will have access to a diverse food court on the first floor, offering a delectable array of culinary selections to keep everyone energized and engaged.

With an unwavering commitment to fostering STEM education and nurturing future engineering talent, we are proud to announce that event registration is free. This is an opportunity to witness not only cutting-edge robotic designs but also to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the University of North Dakota's College of Engineering and Mines.

For a comprehensive overview of the event, including updates on the schedule, opportunities for volunteering, live streaming options, and any event-related changes, we invite you to visit our official event page on As we strive to deliver an exceptional tournament experience, we hope to see you there, joining us in celebrating the marvels of robotics in the captivating setting of the University of North Dakota.

This event is proudly designated as a North Dakota qualifier, reflecting our commitment to advancing robotics excellence within our region. However,  this event holds a dual significance as both a North Dakota and a Minnesota qualifying event for the state championship events. Teams from both states that achieve a state championship qualifying award will be presented with the opportunity to progress in their respective regions, underscoring our dedication to fostering growth and competition across borders.

Registration Information

All participating teams must be registered with VEX Robotics and the Robot Events website and have an official team number before registering for this event. Tournament fees must be paid before teams are allowed to compete. Registration and payments should be made through the Robot Events website.

Engineering notebooks & Judge Interviews 

We ask teams to submit Digital Engineering Notebooks for this event.   Team interviews will be conducted in-person at the event. Engineering notebooks will be submitted digitally for evaluation  via a link found within the "My Account" panel of the team contact on RobotEvents. 

Lunch and Concessions

The Memorial Union first floor has a variety of restraunts including:

Unfortunately many of these restarunts don't take cash so plan to bring a credit card to pay for the food!

Elimination Matches

32 teams (16 Alliances) will compete in the elimination rounds.

Competition Preparation

All teams should come prepared for competition. Here are a few steps that every team should take to ensure that they are prepared.


Review all game information: Current Game Webpage

  1. Review the rules and run through the inspection checklist about a week before the competition so that there is ample time for adjustments. Robots must use VEX V5 parts. Please self inspect before arriving at the tournament using the V5 Robot Inspection Checklist

  2. Check the official VEX forums for rule updates and changes.

  3. Carefully read all of the information contained in the tournament posting on

  4. Pack for the event the day before the day of departure. Here are a few items that you don't want to forget.

    • Goggles/Safety Glasses

    • Spare parts & tools

    • Batteries and chargers

    • Power strip and extension cord

    • Laptop computer

    • Programming cable

    • Engineering notebook (Required for judged awards)

    • Banners and other decorations for your team pit table

    • Giveaways if you have them

  5. Be sure to read VEX Tournaments 101.

  6. Review the descriptions and criteria for the awards that are being given during the tournament.

  7. Prep for your interviews with the judges and read the Judge's Guide. Check the awards tab to see what awards will be given during the tournament.

  8. Remember that safety comes first, please don't bring tools that pose a safety risk to your team, or others nearby, as teams are close to each other in the venue pit area. Also, remember no grinding or other actions that create sparks, ask the tournament director for a safe location if grinding is needed.

  9. Ensure that you have the latest version of programming software and firmware for your V5 Brain.

Participation and Consent Form

A completed form for all participants must be uploaded to prior to the tournament. Team leaders will need to check that all team members attending the event have completed the online consent form prior to the tournament. Instructions on how to upload consent forms in English or Spanish is given here: VEX Consent Form (English) or VEX Consent Form (Spanish)

Important Note:

The Memorial Union will not permit the use of metal cutting power tools. 

Grade Level: All

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: All In-Person Judging

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 3-Feb-2024

Memorial Union / University of North Dakota
2901 University Avenue
Grand Forks, North Dakota 58202
United States

Contact Information

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Saturday February 3rd:


7:30 AM          Pit area and inspections open.
9:00 AM          Skills open  
9:00 AM          Check in closes* 
9:30 AM          Inspection closes
9:30  AM         Driver meeting 
10:00 AM       Opening ceremony
10:15 AM       Qualification rounds
3:30 PM         End skills 
4:00 PM         End qualifications
4:15 PM         Alliance selection
4:30 PM         Elimination rounds
6:00 PM       Awards 
7:00 PM       End of Event


*All teams need to be checked in by 9:00 AM  or in contact with the event coordinator. Teams that have not checked in by that time will not be allowed to participate. 


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  1. Click this link to see our SignUp on SignUp:
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Note: SignUp does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather or emergency situations, teams are strongly advised to monitor for any cancellations or changes related to the tournament. Should it become necessary to cancel or postpone the tournament, the tournament name on the website will be updated to reflect the status as "cancelled" or "postponed". In such circumstances, teams will receive further details and instructions via email to ensure clear communication.

For any inquiries or additional information, please feel free to contact Andrew Dahlen at 218-791-4010. 

Refund and Payment Policies

As this is a free event, no refunds will be provided due to the absence of registration fees. However, we want to emphasize that the absence of a registration fee does not diminish the significance of your commitment to the tournament. Once your team is registered, we have allocated resources and time to ensure a seamless and exciting experience for all participants.

We kindly request that teams who have registered honor their commitment to compete. Just like with events that require a registration fee, please regard this free event with the same level of commitment and professionalism. If circumstances arise that prevent your team from participating, we appreciate your consideration in notifying us as soon as possible to assist with event planning and logistics.

Your cooperation and dedication are deeply valued as we strive to deliver a high-quality event for all involved. Thank you for understanding and respecting the efforts of the organizers and fellow teams.

If you find that your team needs to cancel or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to inform us. We're here to assist and ensure a successful event for everyone.


Judging Format

Judging Format:

  •  Digital Engineering Notebook Submissions / In Person Team Interviews: Team interviews will be conducted in-person at the event. Engineering notebooks will be submitted digitally for evaluation  via a link found within the "My Account" panel of the team contact on RobotEvents. A submission deadline that may be scheduled ahead of the event date.