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VRC OVER UNDER @ Showa Women's University 2023

26-Nov-2023 Add to Calendar
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VEX V5 Robotics Competition
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General Info

Please wear warm!
The gym is cold.


Welcome to VRC OVER UNDER @ Showa Women's University 2023!
Will you be attending the "2023 International Robot Exhibition," the world's largest specialized robotics trade show, held at Tokyo Big Sight from November 29th to December 2nd? We encourage you to also participate in VRC and have a valuable experience that only comes around once every two years!

The purpose of this competition is to provide an international exchange opportunity where teams can communicate with teams from different countries in the same age group and exchange ideas and strategies regarding their technical skills and competition methods.
While team performance will be recorded on, it does not grant eligibility for the World Championship. If your goal is to participate in the World Championship, you will need to participate in tournaments or leagues held in your region.

Showa Women's University, established in 1920, is a prestigious women's university with a long history and tradition. Offering a consistent education from kindergarten to university, the university emphasizes broadening students' international perspectives and fostering leadership skills for success in a global society.
From April 2023, with the introduction of VEX, they will promptly hold competitive events, serving as a new platform for international exchange.
We, the General Incorporated Association for Promoting Youth STEM Education, would like to express our respect and gratitude to Principal Mashimo and the many individuals involved at Showa Women's University Junior-Senior High School who have been instrumental in the implementation of VEX.
We look forward to building a collaborative relationship for the further promotion of STEM education.


ようこそ、VRC OVER UNDER @ Showa Women's University 2023​ へ!


昭和女子大学は1920年に創設され長い歴史と伝統を持つ女子大学です。幼稚園からの一貫教育を提供しており、国際的な視野を広げ、グローバル社会で活躍するリーダーシップの育成にも重点が置かれています。 2023年4月より、VEXの導入が始まり、早速、新たな国際交流の場として競技大会を開催します。

Grade Level: All

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: No Judging

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 26-Nov-2023

Showa Women's University Junior-Senior High School
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 154-0004

Contact Information

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Sunday Nov 26
Head to Head Matche / Skills Match / No Judging

08:30 AM Door Opens / Robot Inspection
09:30 AM Drivers Meeting
09:45 AM Skills Matches Begin
11:15 AM Qualification Matches
12:15 PM Lunch
01:15 PM - 02:15 PM Qualification Matches Conti'
02:30 PM Alliance Selection
03:00 PM Elimination Matches
04:30 PM Award Ceremony
05:15 PM Clean Up

*Schedule will be updated closer to competition.


ヘッドトゥヘッドマッチ / スキルスマッチ / ジャッジングはなし

08:30 AM 開館 / ロボット車検
09:30 AM ドライバーズミーティング
09:45 AM スキルスマッチ開始
11:15 AM クオリフィケーションマッチ開始
12:15 PM ランチ
01:15 PM - 02:15 PM クオリフィケーションマッチ継続
02:30 PM アライアンスセレクション
03:00 PM エリミネーションマッチ
04:30 PM 表彰式
05:15 PM 片付け




The General Incorporated Association for Promoting Youth STEM Education is currently accepting volunteers for our competitive events on an ongoing basis. There are opportunities available for individuals with varying levels of experience, ranging from tasks that can be done by first-timers to those that require prior experience or knowledge of the event's workings. For more information, please contact the Event Coordinator, Dice Maruyama, at [email protected].


一般社団法人青少年STEM教育振興会では、常時競技大会のボランティアを受付ています。初めてでもできるものから、経験が必要なもの、あるいは仕組みを把握していればできるものがあります。詳しくは、イベント主催者の丸山でお問合せください。[email protected]

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy


In the event of possible event cancellation due to inclement weather, please refer to this event page as needed. In case of an emergency, we will post updates on the top page. Additionally, we will contact the team's registered contacts through your account, so please ensure that your team's contact information is up to date.



Refund and Payment Policies


If the Event Partner cancels the event:
Refunds will be made at the discretion of the Event Partner and only in the case of an emergency.

If a team completes registration for the event and later chooses to withdraw or not attend:
Regardless of the circumstances, if a team wishes to cancel their participation and request a refund, they must do so by 30 days prior to each event before the Event Partner cancels. No refunds will be issued for non-participation beyond the 30-day deadline. If a refund is approved, it will be processed within one month from the date of the refund request. Please note that the refund amount will not be the full payment, as it will be adjusted for payment system fees, schedule change fees, differences in currency exchange rates if applicable, and any bank transfer fees incurred.



いかなる状況でも、主催者側がイベントを中止する前に参加を取り消し、返金を希望するチームは、各イベントの30日前までに申請する必要があります。 30日を過ぎてからの不参加の場合は返金はされません。 返金を承認した場合、返金は申請日から1か月以内に処理します。また返金は全額ではなく、決済のシステム使用料、スケジュールの変更手数料、為替が影響する場合の差額、あるいは振り込み手数料など、一部返金されない金額をが差し引いて返金します。

Judging Format


In this competition, since there is no opportunity to qualify for the World Championship, there will be no awards judged by the judges such as Excellence Award or Design Award. Therefore, there will be no judge interviews or evaluations of Engineering Notebooks. Instead, each team will be given limited time to maximize their participation in teamwork challenges and individual information exchanges.



Access Info

Sunday Nov 26
Showa Women's University Junior-Senior High School
Please come to the main gate on the Route 247. Our staff will navigate you to the venue.

Location: 1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo ​Train: 7 minutes walk from Sangenjaya Station on Den-en-toshi Line (DT)
Parking: Non


昭和女子大学附属 昭和中学校・高等学校

住所:東京都世田谷区太子堂1-7-57 地下鉄:東急田園都市線(半蔵門線直通)「三軒茶屋」駅下車 徒歩7分


This event is part of the efforts to promote STEM education and is supported by the following sponsor companies.


Audio Visual Communications, Ltd.
GMO Media, Inc.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Power Project Co., Ltd.

Payment Methods


YSE, for events held within Japan, collects participation fees using a payment method chosen independently by YSE, rather than utilizing the robotevents payment system.
Previously, teams were required to make cash payments on the day of the competition, but due to security concerns associated with handling cash at the competition venue and the inconvenience of teams carrying cash, we have reevaluated the payment process.

Starting this season, you can make your participation fee payment in advance using a credit card.
Please copy and paste the following URL to access the payment link.

Furthermore, we have implemented the system of Metaps Payment Co., Ltd. However, it currently does not support multiple languages. To assist you, we have prepared an English user manual. You can download the user manual by selecting "Documents" from this content block and then choosing the PDF titled "Payment Methods" at the bottom.

If you encounter difficulties with credit card payments, please don't hesitate to contact the event organizers.

We appreciate your cooperation.





また、株式会社メタップスペイメントのシステムを導入していますが、まだ多言語に対応していないため、英語のユーザーマニュアルを用意しました。ユーザーマニュアルは、このコンテントブロックから「Documents」を選択し、「Payment Methods」というpdfをダウンロードしてお使いください。















This user manual is a translation (English only) of the payment system used exclusively by YSE.
For events hosted by YSE within Japan, YSE collects participation fees through its own payment method, not using the robotevents payment system. Please make your payment using a credit card before the payment deadline.

To access the payment link, click on "Payment Methods" displayed in this content block and copy and paste the URL provided.

Thank you for your cooperation.


YSEでは、YSEが日本国内で開催するイベントは、roboteventsの支払いシステムを使用せず、YSE独自の支払い方法で参加費を徴収しています。 クレジットカードを使用して、支払い期限までにお支払いください。

支払い先のリンクは、このコンテントブロックに表示されている「Payment Methods」をクリックし、記載されたURLをコピペしてご利用ください。


Payment Methods