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Granite City Over Under Tournament


2-Dec-2023 Add to Calendar
Event Code
VEX V5 Robotics Competition
Event Type
Event Format
Field Control System
Smart Field Control
Spots Open
Event Region
Max Registrations per Organization
Early-Bird Registration Opens
25-Sep-2023 16:00 EDT
Standard Registration Opens
21-Oct-2023 16:00 EDT
Registration Deadline
29-Nov-2023 16:00 EST
Payment Deadline
24-Jun-2023 07:22 EDT
This event is closed to registration because:
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

Minnesota State VRC qualifier. This tournament will be held at Apollo High School in Saint Cloud

Spectators Welcome!

Concessions- full concessions will be offered at this event, so please consider supporting our program a list of what will be available will be sent to coaches in the weeks prior.  

There are multiple water bottle refilling stations located around the competition area.

Competition Preparation

This event is sure to be a fast-paced and exciting event. All teams should come prepared for the competition. Here are a few steps that every team should take to ensure that they are prepared.

Review the rules and run through the inspection checklist about a week before the competition so that there is ample time for adjustments. 

Check the official VEX forums at for rule updates and changes.
Pack for the event the day before the day of departure. Here are a few items that you don't want to forget.

  • Goggles/Safety Glasses
  • Spare parts & tools
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Programming cable
  • Power strip and extension cord (each table/2 chairs in the pit area will have access to an outlet)
  • Laptop computer
  • Engineering notebook (if you have one, helpful for Judges, Design and Excellence Awards ) Email will be sent to coaches regarding if engineering notebooks can be submitted digitally. 
  • Banners and other decorations for your team pit
  • Giveaways if you have them

Review the descriptions and criteria for the awards that are being given during the tournament. 
Prep for your interviews with the judges. Check the awards tab to see what awards will be given during the tournament.
There is no metal cutting station please do not bring or use tools to cut metal at the tournament
Ensure your robot brain has the latest version of firmware.

More information will be sent to registered teams, Covid protocols are not yet known and will be followed if necessary. 

Grade Level: High School

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: All In-Person Judging

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 2-Dec-2023

Apollo High School
1000 44th Ave North
Saint Cloud, Minnesota 56303
United States

Contact Information

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IMPORTANT! If your team will be late, you must call the Event Partner (Primary Contact on the General Info tab). If your team is not checked-in on time, the match schedule will be run without your team and they cannot compete. The match schedule CANNOT be run after the tournament begins.

Team Judging will be held in the Pits. Please make yourselves available to the Judges when they show up at your Pit table. If you have a match upcoming shortly, respectfully inform the Judges and agree on a time when you will meet with them at your Pit table.

7:30 am – Doors open, Registration, Pits Open
8:00 am – Inspection Opens
8:30 am – Practice Field Open, Skills open on Skills Field & Match Fields as available
                    Inspected Robots Only!
                    Skills are first come, first served, maximum 3 Driver & 3 Programming skills runs
9:00 am – Check-in & Inspection Closes – Call the Event Partner if your team will be late!
9:15 am – Opening Ceremony & Team Meeting – Everyone meet in competition area
9:30 am – Qualification Matches Begin, Skills Field Opens
2:30 pm  – Qualification Matches End, Skills Field Closes
2:45 – Finals Matches Begin 
4:00 pm – Final Awards & Event Closing


Please contact Sara if you would like to volunteer for this event

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

Use your own discresion, but we will not cancel for weather. 

Refund and Payment Policies

There will be no refunds for event cancelation.


There will be no refunds if a team withdraws from the event.

Judging Format

All In-Person Judging - The Team Interviews and Engineering Notebooks will be judged in-person the day of the event. Teams should bring a physical copy of their notebook to submit to the judges.