Cancelled VEX-EDR/V5 Robotics Competition 102 (Canceled)

Cancelled VEX-EDR/V5 Robotics Competition 102

Event Code: RE-VRC-19-8983

Program: VEX Robotics Competition

Type of Event: Tournament

Capacity: 16 / Spots Open: 16

Max Registrations per Organization: 5

Price: CA$50.00

This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event has been canceled.
  • It is past the registration deadline.
Award Qualifies for
Tournament Champions (VRC/VEXU) State/Regional Championship
Tournament Finalists (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Robot Skills Champion (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Robot Skills 2nd Place (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.

Match Results


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REC Foundation Design Award Rubric.

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric


Participant Release Form Spainish.

Participant Release Form Spainish


Participant Release Form.

Participant Release Form


REC Foundation Code of Conduct.

REC Foundation Code of Conduct


VRC Qualifying Criteria.

VRC Qualifying Criteria


VRC Robot Inspection Checklist for Cortex.

VRC Robot Inspection Checklist for Cortex


VRC Robot Inspection Checklist for V5.

VRC Robot Inspection Checklist for V5


VRC Tower Takeover One Page Description.

VRC Tower Takeover One Page Description


Date: 02/14/2020
Gladstone Secondary School
4105 Gladstone Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4Z2

Travel Info


Parking is available in any of the school's parking lots. Parking on the street (across from the school) is restricted to residential parking. If a parking space within the school lot is not available, please use street parking away from the school. You can drop off your robot at the competition entrance and re-park at any of the Staff Lot(s). Do not park along the residential street. You will be ticketed and then towed. Please look for the VEX Robotics Event signs for the competition entrance. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Food Options

There are many restaurants near the school. Teams and spectators are encouraged to explore these dining options before arriving at the event venue.

Venue Direction:

Refund Policy

No Refund will be offered.

If the event is cancelled by the Event Partner, an 'In-Store' credit will be issued to the registered team(s) to be used in any of the competition events for the rest of this competition season.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

Email Brian Yu at:

Text message: 1 (778) 990-3623

If the event is cancelled by the Event Partner, an 'In-Store' credit will be issued to the registered team(s) to be used in any of the competition events for the rest of this competition season.


If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer at one of our VEX-EDR/V5 events, please contact Brian Yu:



Agenda (Updated: Nov.18.19)

3:30pm Arrival/Check In/Robot Inspection/Skills Challenges
6:00pm Dinner Break
6:30pm Qualification Matches
8:30pm Finals
8:45pm Closing Ceremony/Clean-up/Pack-up/Departure

Teams can arrive anytime after 3:30pm, but must be available for Qualification Matches at 6:30pm. 

Please contact Brian Yu ( if you have any questions.

Event Dates

Date: 02/14/2020


Gladstone Secondary School
4105 Gladstone Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4Z2

Grade Level: All

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Brian Yu
Title: Event Partner
Phone: 1-778-990-3623 (Text Only)
Event Day Phone: 1-778-990-3623 (Text Only)

Secondary Contact
Ryan Jin
Title: Arise Academy
Phone: 778.804.8022
Event Day Phone: 778.804.8022

General Info

Will be strictly 'Enforced'

If adult interference is confirmed by Referees/Event Partner, the team will be disqualified from any awards.

Competition Format

For 2019/2020 the VEX-EDR/V5 Competition will only compete in the following format(s):
Qualification and Elimation Matches : Driver Controlled Robots (with an Autonomous period) two-team alliance works together to score points (Standing VRC rules including final rounds)
Robot Skills Challenge: Driver Controlled Robot one team scoring points with one robot.
Robot Skills Challenge: Autonomous Robot Programming one team scoring with one robot.

Driver Skill scores will be combined with Autonomous Skills scores to form an overall Skills Challenge Score.  Highest placing team will win this challenge category.

Before the Event

Step 1: Register your team with the head office to get an official team number/name (
Step 2: Register for each individual event your team wishes to compete in.
Step 3: Know the dates and times of each event in your area.
Step 4: Prepare for Field Trip Permission forms designated by your school district.
Step 5: Prepare a transportation plan for each event.
Step 6: Prepare an accommodation plan for each 'away' event.
Step 7: Prepare for additional supervision as outlined by your school districts field trip policies.

Know your Terms:
Inspection Area (each robot has to be inspected: VRC Inspection Checklist).
Driver Skills Challenge
Programming Skills Challenge
Game Match Fields
Registration table
Pit Area
Pit Tables
Qualifying Rounds (matches)
Alliance Selections
Semi Final Rounds / Final Rounds

Your should: Know the Game.
Your should: Read the game Documentations: VRC Game Manual.
Consider: Experiment with your Robot.
Consider: Attend a Scrimmage/Practice Match.
Consider: Get Advice and Feedback from the judges, referees, and your team coach(s).
Consider: Rebuild (if necessary) and Improve your robot.
Consider: Signing up for a workshop course if you are new to Robotics.

During the Event

Check In at the registration table

Locate your teams Pit Table, as well as:

  • washrooms and emergency exits
  • food services and recycling bins
  • status displays and announcement displays

Read through your registration package.

Read through your schedule and highlight your qualification match time slots.

Locate all competition match areas:

  • Inspection/Judging area
  • Driver Skills Challenge area
  • Programming Skills Challenge area
  • Main competition arena

Prepare your robot for inspection.

Go through the inspection process.

Watch the time for your matches.

Look around and see other robots.

Compete in the Skills Challenges.

After the Event

Check for official results

Review with your team the success(s) and non-success(s) of your teams performance.

Decide on a course of action for improvements.

Sign up for additional competitions and events.

Check the VEX forum for additional hints and suggestions.

If you won the tournament, start preparing for the next competition:

  • It may be the regional qualifier
  • It may be the international tournament

Begin applying for international travel with your school district.

Starting fund raising if necessary.

Make sure your team registers for the international tournament.

Begin to make travel and accommodation arrangements.

Arrange for additional supervisors (if necessary).