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2020 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX Robotics Competition High School Division

25-Apr-2020 Add to Calendar
Event Code
VEX Robotics Competition
Event Type
Field Control System
VEXNet Field Control
Spots Open
Event Region
Texas - Region 2
Standard Registration Opens
13-Dec-2019 12:00 EST
Registration Deadline
11-Mar-2020 12:00 EDT
This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event currently has no spaces available.
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

VEX Virtual Worlds

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2020 VEX World Championship Canceled

Effective 8:00 p.m. EDT, March 12, 2020

After thoughtful consideration and with the guidance of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and local and state health officials, the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and VEX Robotics have made the decision to cancel the 2020 VEX World Championship due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We share this unfortunate news with a heavy heart but unfortunately there is no other acceptable alternative to proceed with the event, as the health and safety of our community is our top priority.


Grade Level: High School

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 25-Apr-2020

Virtual (#StayatHome and #FlattentheCurve)
6725 W FM 1570
Greenville, Texas 75402
United States

Contact Information

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Emergency/Bad Weather Policy


Refund and Payment Policies

Please email [email protected] with the payee’s information, team number, and order number to request a refund prior to October 1, 2020. Our Accounting Department will be processing refunds requests in the order that they are received. As you can imagine, they are receiving a high volume of requests at this time, so please be patient with your refund request.

(If you paid with a credit card, please do not dispute the charge when requesting your refund. This will delay your refund process significantly.)

Date: 25-Apr-2020
Virtual (#StayatHome and #FlattentheCurve)
6725 W FM 1570
Greenville, Texas 75402
United States

Travel Info

Do NOT travel. The VEX Virtual World is streaming on April 25!

#StayatHome and #FlattentheCurve


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Virtual Event Match Lists

VEX Worlds Virtual Match List – VRC High School

Division Assignments

Science Technology Research Engineering Arts Math Physics Automation
--------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------
2U 5M 5S 5W 7K 10E 10N 21A
39A 40B 59A 59B 62B 64A 64W 81K
81P 91W 109A 134C 169A 169E 169X 169Y
169Z 170A 185A 200X 210Y 231T 231X 241A
241E 244A 244B 244C 244D 248A 248C 248E
254D 254R 285A 285R 285X 285Z 288A 288C
315K 315Y 319A 321H 322A 323V 333A 333B
343K 343X 344R 353X 354X 355D 355E 355H
355K 355X 359A 359B 371T 373A 375X 383T
386E 400B 424W 449X 507D 536C 536D 536E
546B 569A 569C 574C 574D 580X 590Z 598A
598B 598C 599X 621A 643A 666U 666X 675B
675D 686A 742A 750S 765A 817F 901C 901J
905A 905B 905Y 914M 917M 917T 917Y 918C
919A 920C 920D 929H 929S 929U 934Z 936A
945Z 967A 967S 967Z 987C 1002A 1008M 1010A
1010H 1010N 1022A 1028A 1028R 1028Z 1032Z 1069B
1069E 1069F 1082A 1082B 1104U 1104V 1104X 1104Z
1115B 1115D 1124A 1136A 1235A 1267A 1274A 1274B
1275A 1320A 1320B 1320D 1356X 1375D 1408V 1437V
1437Z 1460E 1460S 1462A 1462D 1551X 1561A 1561H
1588A 1588X 1669X 1691A 1717B 1727G 1727Z 1747A
1750A 1757A 1784X 1847C 1898A 1898R 1961U 1961W
1961X 1961Z 2011A 2011C 2011D 2011E 2011F 2028A
2075A 2114X 2131P 2131R 2131Y 2131Z 2142D 2142E
2145Z 2158C 2158K 2158P 2250C 2316A 2316B 2360H
2360N 2360Z 2381W 2381Y 2382A 2437A 2442A 2442B
2496J 2496N 2496R 2496W 2496X 2496Y 2501J 2567A
2585V 2587X 2602A 2602F 2602G 2602H 2612A 2616D
2616J 2719D 2775J 2777E 2845A 2915Z 2919S 2921X
2976A 2990B 2990C 2990E 2990G 3018A 3018E 3018V
3116A 3116C 3118A 3118B 3131V 3141A 3141S 3211X
3217A 3217H 3217M 3260P 3264R 3269A 3269C 3303D
3388D 3389C 3389E 3400F 3532B 3536M 3547Y 3571X
3663A 3796E 3818C 3859A 3859W 3885B 3946E 4001A
4001E 4003A 4067X 4082B 4104A 4109A 4142A 4142B
4146V 4154B 4154X 4205A 4253J 4303C 4330X 4378A
4393X 4410C 4423C 4442X 4478D 4478R 4478V 4549A
4549D 4815A 4862B 5090A 5106A 5106C 5139C 5156A
5156C 5203R 5221B 5221C 5225A 5245Z 5249Z 5327A
5327E 5327V 5408F 5408R 5430A 5509A 5509B 5509C
5509G 5588C 5588D 5588E 5588H 5606A 5686C 5689B
5691B 5691X 5735F 5776A 5776E 5864B 5884A 5956A
5956F 5968A 6008D 6008E 6019A 6030J 6105C 6109C
6121C 6121D 6135H 6210X 6250A 6264A 6277A 6277B
6277E 6293B 6403A 6403B 6526G 6627C 6627X 6724B
6724C 6743A 6743B 6761F 6813M 6842A 6842Z 6978H
7110D 7110E 7110F 7110X 7110Z 7121B 7121D 7121E
7121F 7135D 7139B 7157C 7192A 7225B 7258A 7258C
7316X 7405M 7405N 7405P 7536C 7536R 7567C 7686B
7686C 7700R 7701A 7701H 7701T 7701V 7701X 7806C
7842F 7862D 7862E 7862W 7862Z 7870A 7870C 7870D
7870E 7890A 7890B 7975F 7984B 8000A 8031C 8031E
8044A 8047F 8059A 8076B 8076C 8086X 8110B 8110C
8110D 8110X 8176B 8192A 8264K 8301C 8301E 8349A
8349B 8349E 8349F 8349K 8447C 8481X 8568X 8675D
8685Y 8746A 8757C 8787E 8800T 8800X 8823C 8855B
8861B 8979B 8995M 9065C 9065P 9080H 9123X 9144A
9181D 9181S 9181W 9181Z 9185A 9210B 9257C 9343C
9364A 9364B 9364D 9409F 9421X 9447A 9447H 9457B
9457W 9457Z 9498A 9545Z 9551A 9727A 9727B 9848A
9888B 9909C 9922Z 9932X 10002A 10007A 10173Y 10478A
10478C 10622D 10821M 10821N 10955M 11001X 11017X 11124P
11124R 11124W 11124X 11342A 11411A 11442X 11476A 11656A
11791X 11872A 11881U 12223C 12443M 12878B 12878C 13437D
13700G 13765X 15486A 16021G 16021J 16075A 16099A 16099B
16099C 16101E 16101V 16666A 16666B 16802B 18892B 19230A
19230B 20001C 20164T 20164X 20181X 20480K 20610N 20785A
20785B 20785D 21000C 21012J 21748A 22057A 22069A 22101A
22204A 22204B 22422X 23218A 23880E 24626H 24816M 25400C
25455C 25455Y 25461Z 25600S 26982E 27183R 28724R 30124A
31415P 31666A 33172W 33339A 33691A 33691B 33794B 34500D
34565A 35951B 36116A 36405A 36620B 36637A 36830B 37409A
37409B 38211A 39110A 40404A 41091A 41364A 41998C 42700A
42700N 44012A 44691R 44691X 44777U 45133C 45464Z 46535K
47618C 48327M 51581A 52009B 52050A 52050C 52351A 52700A
53073N 54001A 55055A 55098A 55151E 55563A 55563C 55885S
55885X 56448A 58072A 60006X 60172S 60470S 60883B 60883D
61317A 62019A 62019S 62019X 63031C 63303A 63600B 63857A
63857D 64040A 64040B 64040C 64846A 65714A 66634A 66799A
66856A 67101B 67101M 67101V 67677B 68507C 68555A 70291B
70291C 70857B 70908A 71909X 71909Z 72963B 73509A 74177H
74600D 74762A 74762B 76209G 76275B 76767R 77000X 77610E
77788Y 78155C 78792A 79924A 80001B 80508X 80550Y 80708X
81118P 81208X 81218A 81218D 81218E 81785G 81785K 81818A
81818X 81988D 82855G 82855S 82855Y 82997A 83259A 83838A
85367Y 86000X 88845A 88909X 89071A 90241B 90241S 90736A
90819A 90819Z 90990A 91709A 91820B 91933B 91970A 93870A
96498A 96671B 96671X 97155C 97671A 97673W 97779A 97817C
97834C 97871A 97934U 97934X 97934Y 97963A 98053A 98053B
98060C 98060T 98060Z 98271B 98548A 98548B 98725B 98807J
98957C 99000X 99040A 99040C 99040D 99060K 99153A 99197G
99197M 99349A 99402C 99484A 99691E 99904A 99905B  

Global and Event Sponsors

Special thanks to our Global Sponsors Autodesk, Dell, Google, Hexbug, Innovation First International, NASA, Rack Solutions, Robomatter, Tesla, Texas Instruments, Toyota, TVA, and VEX Robotics.

We also would like to thank our VEX Robotics World Championship sponsors: Mathworks, Microchip, UPS, and Nordson. The commitment and support of these partners ensure a great experience for everyone attending the event.

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric.

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric


Participant Release Form Spanish.

Participant Release Form Spanish


Participant Release Form.

Participant Release Form


REC Foundation Code of Conduct.

REC Foundation Code of Conduct


VRC Qualifying Criteria.

VRC Qualifying Criteria


VRC Robot Inspection Checklist for V5.

VRC Robot Inspection Checklist for V5


VRC Tower Takeover One Page Description.

VRC Tower Takeover One Page Description


Community Award Online Challange Sponsored by Google 

373              R4Robotics                                 Rio Rancha, New Mexico 

449X           Paradisical Inc.                           Riverside,California 

1669X         Milpitas HIgh School                  Milpitas, California 

2602G         Hopkinton High School              Hopkinton, Massachusets 

6526G         Damien High School                  La Verne, California 

8787E         Eastwood High School               EL Paso, Texas

41091A       Revalation Robotics                    Union, Kentucky

48327M      Galen Catholic College               Wangarrata, Australia 

82855G      ST.Theresas of Lisieux C.H.S      Richmond HIll , Ontario 


Robotics Team Website Challenge  Sponsored by Dell 

1st:    2131           2131 Robotics                Kaysville, Utah 

2nd:  10C             Exothermic Robotics      Redmond, Washington 

3rd:   73335A        Team DogeYEET          Nantun Dist. Taichung City, Taiwan 


Make IT Real Challange Sponsored by Austodesk 

5106C       Kennett High school             North Conway , New Hampshire 

1691A       Hurricane High School         Cary, North Carolina 


VRC Girl Powered Onlne Challange Sponsored by Google 

1st:      2496J        Arnold Beckman High School             Irvine, California 

2nd:     2131R       Davis High School                              Kayvilles Utah 

3rd:      3796C       J.L Mann High Academy                   Greenville South Carolina