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Status Spots Open Event Code Event Date Location Type Name
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-4788 10/22/2016 MD, United States Tournament Northwest Maryland VRC
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-5301 10/22/2016 MI, United States Tournament Kettering University VEX Starstruck HS/MS Qualifier
Closed 46 RE-VRC-16-1650 10/22/2016 Australia Tournament Starstruck in Canberra
Closed 23 RE-VRC-16-1326 10/22/2016 AZ, United States Scrimmage Queen Creek HS Starstruck Scrimmage
Open 4 RE-VRC-16-1220 10/22/2016 - 02/04/2017 MD, United States League VEX Baltimore City Mentor League
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-4930 10/22/2016 TX, United States Tournament San Antonio/Boerne VRC \
Closed 20 RE-VRC-16-1074 10/22/2016 ME, United States Tournament Biddeford VRC Qualifier
Closed 2 RE-VRC-16-5473 10/22/2016 VA, United States Tournament Wakefield School's Starstruck Skills Day
Closed 8 RE-VRC-16-1217 10/22/2016 SD, United States Tournament GT Robotics October 2016 VRC Tournament
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-5294 10/22/2016 OH, United States Tournament Mahoning Valley Qualifier
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-5287 10/22/2016 AZ, United States Tournament Tartesso VRC Skills Only Event
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-5286 10/22/2016 CA, United States Tournament San Diego Regional VEX Middle School Robotics Tournament
Closed 9 RE-VRC-16-5256 10/22/2016 NJ, United States Tournament Union High School VRC Competition
Closed 11 RE-VRC-16-5204 10/22/2016 SC, United States Tournament Lowcountry VEX Fall Challenge
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-5066 10/22/2016 GA, United States Tournament SFMS Hosts STARSTRUCK 1
Closed 5 RE-VRC-16-4956 10/22/2016 SC, United States Tournament Indian Land VRC
Closed 16 RE-VRC-16-5516 10/25/2016 MI, United States Tournament West Michigan VEX - Early Fall Skills Only (Blended)
Open 2 RE-VRC-16-1311 10/25/2016 - 02/09/2017 WI, United States League Fox Valley VRC League
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-1641 10/25/2016 CS, Mexico Tournament TORNEO INTER-COBACH VEX-REEDUCA 2016
Closed 1 RE-VRC-16-5515 10/27/2016 - 12/17/2016 MI, United States League West Michigan VEX - Late Fall Thursday League (Blended)
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-4953 10/28/2016 - 10/29/2016 TN, United States Tournament Brentwood Academy Robotics Invitational Fall State Qualifier presents The Spooky Scary Starstruck Challenge
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-1294 10/28/2016 WA, United States Tournament Lake Stevens Halloween Tournament
Closed 6 RE-VRC-16-4812 10/29/2016 GA, United States Tournament Collins Hill High Fall StarStruck Competition
Closed 6 RE-VRC-16-4815 10/29/2016 SC, United States Tournament The Cougar Challenge
Closed 0 RE-VRC-16-4844 10/29/2016 VA, United States Tournament Potomac School Regional VEX Tournament