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Greater Western Wisconsin VIQRC Challenge


27-Jan-2024 Add to Calendar
Event Code
VEX IQ Robotics Competition
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Field Control System
Spots Open
Event Region
Max Registrations per Organization
Early-Bird Registration Opens
9-Oct-2023 16:00 EDT
Standard Registration Opens
16-Dec-2023 16:00 EST
Registration Deadline
22-Jan-2024 16:00 EST
Payment Deadline
15-Jan-2024 16:00 EST
This event is closed to registration because:
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info


Welcome to the Greater Western Wisconsin VEX IQ Challenge at Whitehall! Teams will be competing for a spot at the Wisconsin VEX IQ State Championship! Please see the Awards tab for information on which awards qualify teams for State Championship. 

The event will be held in the gym at the Whitehall High School. 


State Qualifications:

This event will qualify a certain number of teams for State Championship. 

  • Events of the same size and type will receive the same number of qualification spots. 
  • Events that have been uploaded and finalized before the state spot assignments have been made will have the equitable number of spots assigned, and the qualifications will be issued retroactively.


Finals matches for Wisconsin VEX IQ events:

Up to 32 teams will be paired up and participate in Finals matches.

Participation and Consent Form

A completed form for all participants must be uploaded to prior to the tournament. Team leaders will need to check that all team members attending the event have completed the online consent form prior to the tournament. Instructions on how to upload consent forms in English or Spanish is given here: VEX Consent Form (English) or VEX Consent Form (Spanish)


Registration Information

All participating teams must be registered with VEX Robotics and the Robot Events website and have an official team number before registering for this event. Tournament fees must be paid before teams are allowed to compete. Registration and payments should be made through the Robot Events website.

Engineering notebooks

We will be collecting Physical engineering notebooks at this event for judging.  Any updates in reagrds to electronic notebooks will be posted here or sent via email to registered teams.

Competition Preparation

All teams should come prepared for competition. Here are a few steps that every team should take to ensure that they are prepared.


Review all game information: Current Game Webpage

  1. Review the rules and run through the inspection checklist about a week before the competition so that there is ample time for adjustments. Robots must use VEX IQ parts. Please self inspect before arriving at the tournament using the IQ Robot Inspection Checklist

  2. Check the official VEX forums for rule updates and changes.

  3. Carefully read all of the information contained in the tournament posting on

  4. Pack for the event the day before the day of departure. Here are a few items that you don't want to forget.

    • Spare parts & tools

    • Batteries and chargers

    • Power strip and extension cord

    • Laptop computer

    • Programming cable

    • Engineering notebook (Required for judged awards)

    • Banners and other decorations for your team pit table

    • Giveaways if you have them

  5. Be sure to read VEX Tournaments 101.

  6. Review the descriptions and criteria for the awards that are being given during the tournament.

  7. Prep for your interviews with the judges and read the Judge's Guide. Check the awards tab to see what awards will be given during the tournament.

  8. Remember that safety comes first, please don't bring tools that pose a safety risk to your team, or others nearby, as teams are close to each other in the venue pit area. Also, remember no grinding or other actions that create sparks, ask the tournament director for a safe location if grinding is needed.

  9. Ensure that you have the latest version of programming software and firmware for your IQ Brain.


Lunch and Concessions

Full concessions will be available from 10 am to 2 pm.  Carry-In lunches and snacks are allowed, however, please make sure your pit area is clean throughtout the day, especially when you leave.

Grade Level: All

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: All In-Person Judging

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 27-Jan-2024

Whitehall Memorial High School
19121 Hobson Street
Whitehall, Wisconsin 54773
United States

Contact Information

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Doors open


Check-in opens


- Turn in Design Notebook


- Turn in REC Participation Form


Inspection Opens


Judges Meeting

Practice Fields Open - Inspected Robots Only


Skills Field Opens - Inspected Robots Only


Referee Meeting


Check-In & Inspection Closes


Skills & Practice Fields close


The Qualification Match schedule is generated


Team Meeting & Opening Ceremony


Match Play Begins & Skills Field Opens  


Break for Lunch


Match and Skills Play Resume


Match Play Ends


Skills field closes (Or when match play ends, whichever is first)


Elimination rounds - 36 teams - 18 matches


Final awards and closing


Our event is only possible with the help of many dedicated volunteers. If you are interested and willing to help at this event, please email [email protected]

Volunteers on day of event will recieve a voucher for food from the concessions.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

If this event needs to be cancelled due to inclement weather please check this site for details.

Refund and Payment Policies

Teams must pay within 2 weeks of registering and by the registration deadline or they will forfeit their spot. Teams that withdraw from the tournament before the registration deadline may receive a partial refund, $5 per team will be withheld. Teams that withdraw from the tournament after the registration deadline will not receive a refund.


If the event is canceled for weather or other reason, full refunds will be issued as soon as reasonably possible. 

Health and Safety Policies

COVID-19 Related Event Modifications

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. All approved events and event attendees are required to follow all local, state, federal, or any other government ordinances regarding COVID-19 safety procedures, social distancing, and best hygiene practices. We will continually assess, based on current government guidelines, whether to postpone, cancel, or significantly reduce the number of attendees when necessary.

The following will be in effect for the event (subject to change in response to current conditions):


  • This event may be canceled, restructured, or otherwise restricted due to developing conditions.
  • Hand santizer stations will be available throughout the venue
  • Pit tables will be arranged with a spacing of at least 8' to allow for appropriate distancing (one team per table)
  • Fields will be placed further apart to allow for distancing
  • Alliance stations will be enlarged at the fields to allow for more social distancing between teams

Procedures for Participants

  • Please maintain 6' distancing between teams as much as possible throughout the event
  • No hand-shakes, high-fives or other unnecessary touching during the event (Please find non-contact ways to show your sportsmanship and encouragement)
  • Team members will be asked to use hand sanitizer before each match and before using the practice fields
  • One member from each alliance will assist with reseting the field at the end of each match

Judging Format

All In-Person Judging - The Team Interviews and Engineering Notebooks will be judged in-person the day of the event. Teams should bring a physical copy of their notebook to submit to the judges.