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2020 VEX Robotics World Championship - VEX IQ Challenge Middle School Division

Event Code
VEX IQ Competition
Event Type
Spots Open
Event Region
Texas - Region 2
This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event has reached capacity. Teams on waitlist may still be added.
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

VEX Virtual Worlds

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2020 VEX World Championship Canceled

Effective 8:00 p.m. EDT, March 12, 2020

After thoughtful consideration and with the guidance of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and local and state health officials, the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation and VEX Robotics have made the decision to cancel the 2020 VEX World Championship due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We share this unfortunate news with a heavy heart but unfortunately there is no other acceptable alternative to proceed with the event, as the health and safety of our community is our top priority.


Grade Level: Middle School

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 25-Apr-2020

Virtual (#StayatHome and #FlattentheCurve)
6725 W FM 1570
Greenville, Texas 75402
United States

Contact Information

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Emergency/Bad Weather Policy



Refund Policy

Please email with the payee’s information, team number, and order number to request a refund prior to October 1, 2020. Our Accounting Department will be processing refunds requests in the order that they are received. As you can imagine, they are receiving a high volume of requests at this time, so please be patient with your refund request.

(If you paid with a credit card, please do not dispute the charge when requesting your refund. This will delay your refund process significantly.)

Date: 25-Apr-2020
Virtual (#StayatHome and #FlattentheCurve)
6725 W FM 1570
Greenville, Texas 75402
United States

Travel Info

Do NOT travel. The VEX Virtual World is streaming on April 25!

#StayatHome and #FlattentheCurve



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Division Assignments

Science Technology Research Engineering Arts Math Physics
--------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------
24R 37S 37Z 47C 47D 84A 84B
84D 84E 84F 84G 84K 84M 92C
92G 92H 99R 99W 126N 127X 127Z
141A 141B 155A 169F 169Y 177B 214A
214B 214C 214D 214F 214G 287B 287C
323J 323W 323X 359A 359B 359C 388N
398A 409B 414D 434N 435B 443A 477Y
505B 505C 555A 591B 610A 610C 610D
618B 619X 646B 647X 647Y 702A 705A
714C 734E 772B 772D 786A 839A 839B
844A 918A 929B 929C 929G 929H 965A
985B 1008C 1012K 1024N 1037Z 1050A 1069J
1073W 1111A 1140R 1140Z 1217A 1217B 1307Z
1408C 1440H 1453C 1696Z 1714A 1714Z 1715T
1728A 1729K 1729X 1777Z 1785C 1802M 1840J
1845A 1860A 1938B 1945A 1945B 1977A 1992A
2014F 2045R 2045X 2048E 2224A 2281N 2281Z
2407A 2420A 2420B 2437A 2437B 2501V 2501Z
2626T 2701A 2718A 2732A 2745X 2774A 2820A
2820C 2820D 2831A 2831B 2831F 2917X 2929A
2932B 2952H 2956X 3024A 3200Z 3204B 3204C
3219A 3219B 3314D 3531A 3531B 3997B 3997D
4009A 4224B 4270A 4270B 4270C 4405C 4606M
4700X 4815B 5080N 5081F 5125Y 5154C 5154D
5160A 5194S 5203G 5231A 5236E 5280G 5280K
5432A 5560E 5657G 5777K 6002A 6210F 6210H
6210J 6210K 6210M 6210N 6210R 6210S 6343C
6441A 6441B 6441C 6441D 6441F 6546Y 6610X
6633A 6661A 6699W 6699Y 6868F 6883T 6891B
6891P 7008A 7209A 7386C 7501W 7522A 7704C
7774A 7878A 8000N 8181A 8502A 8599B 8666A
8666B 8757X 8802A 8962A 9253E 9319G 9611A
9821R 9858S 9875H 9973E 10015C 10132R 10173B
10173C 10173D 10272A 10330B 10451A 10452W 10452Y
10478S 10515A 10515C 10515D 10515F 10520A 10563A
10638A 10673H 10698A 10700B 10700G 10719C 10720A
10726B 10726C 10736C 10740A 10740J 10769B 10775B
10775C 10775D 10775E 10775F 10775G 10786R 10817A
10817B 10836B 10836E 10851A 10851B 10957B 10978B
10979C 10999A 11016A 11016B 11029B 11029E 11029M
11064A 11108B 11110B 11110C 11133J 11164A 11164B
11173A 11173B 11226A 11226B 11239B 11266D 11336B
11370A 11400A 11425A 11442A 11442M 11442N 11471F
11471H 11471R 11476M 11476N 11575A 11586A 11686D
11805B 12033P 12223B 12223E 12368A 12580A 12586D
12878G 13015A 13015D 13194A 13437A 13765A 13765B
13765C 13765D 13899A 13952A 13952B 14323F 14323H
14724A 15241B 15307A 15896B 16346A 16688C 16688E
16734A 16734C 16868A 16868B 16885A 17074M 17151A
17387B 17387C 17629F 17701A 17760C 18032A 18672A
18721D 18789R 18799A 18854A 18882B 19666S 19896A
19920A 19994C 20188A 20207A 20605B 20605C 20605D
20616A 20616B 21212A 21549A 21549F 22172X 22222S
22250A 22250B 22250C 22401C 22440A 22500A 23009A
23172C 23310P 23310R 23418A 23471A 24399A 25607A
26262A 26808B 27072B 27103A 27112A 27112B 27115B
27301A 27815C 28008A 28024A 28102A 28102B 28134A
28586A 28856C 29715A 29766A 29766B 29766C 30040A
30303A 30558A 30807M 30838A 31113F 31254H 31337A
31337Z 31408A 31408C 31941R 32305A 32868C 32881A
33111C 33300C 34029A 34029C 34532A 34998K 35594A
36218A 36788A 36908F 36908M 36908S 36908X 37212A
37326T 37711A 37711C 38022A 38022C 38882E 38909B
39571B 39875E 39999A 40301C 40693A 40693G 41466B
41725A 42292B 42292C 42292X 43572B 43572C 43572D
43820B 44844G 45200A 45855A 46032C 46096B 46326A
46729M 46729Y 46790S 47089A 47089B 47270B 48101C
48466A 49615A 50067A 50100A 50252A 50298A 50298C
50316B 50316C 50639G 50674A 50674B 50802B 51186C
51186F 51190A 51335B 51776A 52104A 52191C 52666A
53403B 53447C 54405C 54506C 54611A 55508C 55806A
55821C 55821E 55821Z 55883E 56035B 56819A 57069J
57420C 57429A 57429B 57539A 58072H 58116A 58593A
59990A 60000A 60027A 60355A 60373A 61002G 61071A
61519A 62026A 62153A 64353A 64834A 64889A 66631A
66639A 66688E 66954A 67544A 67746A 67991D 68524A
69227A 69639A 71414A 71623C 71811R 71811W 71832D
71832P 72022B 72112M 74801K 74847C 75189A 75189C
75571X 76000S 76151A 76414A 76414B 76667D 77431A
77431B 77759A 78273F 78380G 78380H 79774A 79915A
80517M 80821D 80896Z 81023A 81116B 81326C 81517A
81568A 81680A 81760A 81981B 82173G 83089B 83242A
83962A 84010C 85195A 85195B 85571A 85871W 85974B
85974C 87531C 87531G 88700B 88700M 88892C 90049A
90049H 90700M 91122B 91326A 91394B 91619A 91765A
92509B 92563M 93590C 94115A 94115B 94406A 94406B
94406C 95032T 95599A 95680B 95680D 95699A 96458A
96768A 96768B 96798A 97770B 98577A 98999D 99136A
99808A 99900J 99905J 99991A      

Virtual Event Match Lists

VEX Worlds Virtual Match List – VIQC Middle School

Global and Event Sponsors

Special thanks to our Global Sponsors Autodesk, Dell, Google, Hexbug, Innovation First International, NASA, Rack Solutions, Robomatter, Tesla, Texas Instruments, Toyota, TVA, and VEX Robotics.

We also would like to thank our VEX Robotics World Championship sponsors: Mathworks, Microchip, UPS, and Nordson. The commitment and support of these partners ensure a great experience for everyone attending the event.

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric


Participant Release Form Spanish

Participant Release Form Spanish


REC Foundation Code of Conduct

REC Foundation Code of Conduct


Criteria for registered VEX IQ Challenge teams (Elementary and Middle School) to qualify for participation in championship events.

VIQC Qualifying Criteria


A description of this year's STEM Research Project

STEM Research Project Topic (2019-2020)


A description of this year's STEM Research Project  Rubric.

STEM Research Project Topic Rubric (2019-2020)


VIQC Sqaured Away One Page Description.

VIQC Sqaured Away One Page Description


VIQC Robot Inspection Checklist.

VIQC Robot Inspection Checklist


Participant Release Form English

Participant Release Form


VIQC Girl Powered Sponsored by Google 

1st:    3204B        St.Peters College                  Palmerston, New Zealand 

2nd    92H          Brandywine Robotics Inc.        Chester Springs, Pennsylvania 

3rd:   1845A       Hub City Fins                           Hattiesburg, Mississippi