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Live Remote Tournament Last Chance Texas Region 4 Qualifier

Event Code
VEX IQ Challenge
Event Type
Live Remote Tournament
Event Format
Pre-Recorded, Remote
Spots Open
Event Region
Texas - Region 4
This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event has been canceled.
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

This is a Live Remote Tournament.  No travel, No Hotels, No mess!  Teams from around the world can compete in this tournament!  

Skills will be pre-recorded 

Notebooks will need to be submitted a week before the tournament date



Grade Level: All

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: Remote judging

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 02/20/2021

Contact Information

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9:00 Opening ceremonies 

9:30 A quick Q/A session for any lingering questions 

10:00 Match play begins!

12:00 Lunch for our volunteers

 1:00  Match play resumes!

 3:00 Awards ceremonies 


No Volunteers needed at this time

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

Weather should not be a factor.  

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given for this event.

Remote Skills Instructions

 • Pre-Recorded Skills videos must be recorded and submitted from 9:00am February 12 to 9:00am February 19 2021. Videos recorded prior to the start date & time will not be acceptable. 

• Event Partners will generate a set of unique, randomized alphanumeric code to be sent to each team on Febrary 11, 2021

• All video format rules set forth below apply. Furthermore, a second clock showing the current date / time must be on video during the entire Match. 

• Matches should follow a standard procedure, done and shown on one video without any “cuts” or edits, in the following order: 

1. Robot Inspection is done by the Team, showing on video, the inspection sheet signed and completed. Measurements must be done using a measuring device such as a Robot Sizing Tool or tape measure. 

2. The Team says the random code that they were given by the Event Partner out loud on video while writing the code visibly on a paper or whiteboard. 

3. Teams pair the Controller to the Robot.

4. The Team shows on video a closeup view of the Starting Position to provide video evidence that the Robot is in a legal starting position. 

5. The Team says out loud and writes on paper or whiteboard if they are attempting a Programming Skills Match or Driving Skills Match. 

6. The Team starts a Match when the clock begins.

 7. After the Match, the Team must move the camera to each of the Goals saying out loud what counts as scored and records onto an official referee scoresheet. 

8. The scoresheet is then shown clearly on video for a minimum of 10 seconds. While the scoresheet is being recorded, Teams can reset the field for the next Match. 

9. The Team can then repeat steps 3-8 for their remaining allotment of Matches, i.e. maximum of 3 Programming Skills Matches and 3 Driving Skills Matches, one after another on the same video recording. 

10. The video recording can not be stopped. 


• Teams will need to upload their video on a publicly accessible platform like YouTube, Facebook Video, Google Classroom, SchoolTube, etc and submit the URL to the Event Partner per the instructions on the event site.  

Remote Judging Instructions

Pleased have your Engineering Notebooks submitted by February 12 11:59 PM.   

A judging session will be arranged with the primary contact listed on your account.  

Submit Engineering notebooks to the following link

Only Finalist for the Design award will recieve a judges interview.  















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