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Virginia State Championship - Squared Away Elementary School Division

Virginia State Championship - Squared Away Elementary School Division

Event Code: RE-VIQC-19-8296

Program: VEX IQ Challenge

Type of Event: Tournament

Capacity: 18 / Spots Open: 0

Event Region: Virginia

Price: $225.00

This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event currently has no spaces available.
  • It is past the registration deadline.

Event Sponsors:
Event Dates

Date: 03/06/2020


The Meadow Event Park
13048 Dawn Boulevard
Doswell, Virginia 23047
United States

Grade Level: Elementary

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Contact Information

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General Info

The VEX IQ Elementary School Virginia State Championship is a one day event in Doswell, VA at the Meadow Event Park.  Teams must qualify for the tournament by participating in a regional event by February 22nd, 2020.  Teams qualify by winning awards at a local tournament or by invitation based on the highest skills scores posted in Virginia during the season. 

As in previous years, teams will be in roughly a 10'x10' booth with pipe and drape, a table, 2 chairs, and a pit sign in the west half of the venue.  Skills challenges, practice fields, and matches will take place in the east half of the venue.  Teams will have 8 matches and 3 attempts at each skills challenge (driving and programming).  Parking is available on the west side of the venue.

This event is free and open to the public.


Friday March 6, 2020

8:00 AM 12:00 PM  :   Doors Open, Check-In, Inspection and Practice Fields Open
  * 10:00 AM  :   Teams must check-in by this time. One student & Robot
10:30 AM 3:30 PM  :   Skills Fields open
11:00 AM 11:15 AM  :   Drivers Meeting
11:20 AM 11:50 AM  :   Practice Matches
12:00 PM 12:30 PM  :   Opening Ceremony
1:00 PM 4:10 PM  :   Qualification Matches
4:25 PM 5:15 PM  :   Final Matches and Awards
5:15 PM 6:00 PM  :   Pack Up & Clean Up




We are currenly seeking the following key positions for experienced volunteers who have filled one of these roles at a local tournament:

  • Division Manager
  • Head Referee
  • Head Judge

We will be in need of many Judges, Computer Operators and General Assistants.  We will have training available on-site for these positions.  All volunteers will receive meals, snacks and a free shirt.  To volunteer, please sign up at:


Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

We will update any cancellations on our facebook page:  In the event of bad weather we will attempt to modify the event to fit within this weekend.  In the event of a complete cancellation details will be emailed to teams on how to proceed.


Refund Policy

Partial refunds of $200 will be issued up to February 1, 2020. Any teams cancelling beyond this date or not showing for the event will not receive a refund. If the event is cancelled we will issue partial refunds to teams who cannot attend the alternate date. Teams that do not pay will not be allowed to participate.


Friday March 6
12:00pm – 12:30pm Opening Ceremony
1:00pm – 4:10pm Qualification Matches
4:25pm – 5:15pm Finals and Award Ceremony

To see a schedule for all the livestream schedules visit

To see a schedule for all the livestream ceremonies and finals please visit

STEM Research

This season the STEM Research Project is presented as a 4-minute video plus 15 seconds of credits that the team records and uploads to SchoolTube, YouTube, or a similar online video platform. A link to the video must be submitted to the Event Partner no later than ONE WEEK BEFORE the tournament date. Follow these steps:
  1. Please refer to the **STEM Research Project and Presentation** document from the REC Foundation. The document can be found in the VEX IQ Challenge Team Resources area at
  2. Record the STEM Presentation as a video following the instructions in the STEM Research Project and Presentation document.
  3. Upload the video to one of the online video resources following the instructions in the STEM Research Project and Presentation document.
  4. Have the coach or another adult email the link to the video, including the team number and contact information for the coach, to the Event Partner no later than ONE WEEK BEFORE the tournament date:

    NOVA SySTEMic <>

  5. Teams WILL NOT be interviewed by judges at the event, unless the event qualifies teams directly to VEX Worlds. Please refer to the STEM Research Project and Presentation document for details.
  6. Only ONE submission allowed per team. If two or more video links are sent to the Event Partner, only the first link received will be considered.
  7. The winner of the STEM Research Project Award will be announced with the other judged awards at the event.
If you have questions about this process, please contact your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager. Refer to our website for contact information:

Award Nominations

Nominations for STEM Research Project and Mentor/Volunteer of the Year

We are now accepting nominations for Mentor and Volunteer of the Year and submissions for the STEM Research Project. Use this link to nominate:

Due by February 18th, 2019


World Qualifications

Virginia VEX IQ – Elementary School has been granted 4 World Championship spots:

1 Excellence Award Winner
2 Teamwork Champions
1 Design Award Winner

If a team double-qualifies for a World Championship spot, the state’s next highest ranking team from the World Skills Standings up to and including the State Championship receives the invitation. World Championship invitations from the World Skills Standings are issued by email after the results of the State Championship have been posted at, and will not be announced at the State Championship.

World Championship qualifying awards and invitations are issued to teams whether or not the teams have expressed an intention to attend the event. Unaccepted World Championship invitations are not offered or transferred to other teams.

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric


Participant Release Form Spanish

Participant Release Form Spanish


REC Foundation Code of Conduct

REC Foundation Code of Conduct


Criteria for registered VEX IQ Challenge teams (Elementary and Middle School) to qualify for participation in championship events.

VIQC Qualifying Criteria


A description of this year's STEM Research Project

STEM Research Project Topic (2019-2020)


A description of this year's STEM Research Project  Rubric.

STEM Research Project Topic Rubric (2019-2020)


VIQC Sqaured Away One Page Description.

VIQC Sqaured Away One Page Description


VIQC Robot Inspection Checklist.

VIQC Robot Inspection Checklist


Participant Release Form English

Participant Release Form