Selah Vikings VEX IQ Tournament 2020 (ES Only) - Canceled (Canceled)

Selah Vikings VEX IQ Tournament 2020 (ES Only) - Canceled

Event Code: RE-VIQC-19-0776

Program: VEX IQ Challenge

Type of Event: Tournament

Capacity: 24 / Spots Open: 24

Max Registrations per Organization: 8

Price: $45.00

This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event has been canceled.
  • It is past the registration deadline.
Award Qualifies for
Excellence Award (VIQC) Does not qualify for any events.
Robot Skills Champion (VIQC) Does not qualify for any events.
Teamwork Champion Award (VIQC) Does not qualify for any events.
Teamwork 2nd Place Award (VIQC) Does not qualify for any events.
Design Award (VIQC) Does not qualify for any events.
Judges Award (VIQC) Does not qualify for any events.

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There are no teams currently registered for this event.

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric

REC Foundation Design Award Rubric


Participant Release Form Spanish

Participant Release Form Spanish


REC Foundation Code of Conduct

REC Foundation Code of Conduct


Criteria for registered VEX IQ Challenge teams (Elementary and Middle School) to qualify for participation in championship events.

VIQC Qualifying Criteria


A description of this year's STEM Research Project

STEM Research Project Topic (2019-2020)


A description of this year's STEM Research Project  Rubric.

STEM Research Project Topic Rubric (2019-2020)


VIQC Sqaured Away One Page Description.

VIQC Sqaured Away One Page Description


VIQC Robot Inspection Checklist.

VIQC Robot Inspection Checklist


Participant Release Form English

Participant Release Form



There will not be a webcast for this event.

Date: 01/11/2020
Selah Intermediate School
1401 West Fremont Avenue
Selah, Washington 98942
United States

Travel Info

This tournament will be held at Selah Intermediate School at 1401 W. Fremont Ave.  Selah, WA 98942.  As you turn into the entrance, take the first left where you will find parking in the upper lot.  You will walk down the heated stairs to the doors that lead to the gym.  There will be signs posted on the doors you will enter.

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be submitted by December 28, 2019.  Refunds will be given minus the $5.00 REC Foundation processing fee.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

In case of severe weather, or an emergency that could possibly cancel the event, please visit to view updates on the event status.  It will be updated as needed.


We welcome volunteers and would appreciate your support.  Please contact the administrators if you are interested in being a part of this event.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


8:00 AM - Doors open 

8:30 AM - Inspection opens

8:30 AM - Skills opens

10:00 AM - Inspection and team check-in closes - teams arriving after this nor having passed inspectio will not be allowed to compete.

10:30 AM - Skills closes ~ Opening Ceremony ~ Event Meeting

10:45 AM - Qualification matches

12:00-12:30 PM - LUNCH

2:30 PM - End Qualification Matches

3:00 PM - Finals Matches

3:45 PM - Awards

4:00 PM - End of the event ~ Clean up

*Times are subject to change

Event Dates

Date: 01/11/2020


Selah Intermediate School
1401 West Fremont Avenue
Selah, Washington 98942
United States

Grade Level: Elementary

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

STEM Research Offered: No

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Sarah Nelson
Title: Assistant Principal
Phone: 509-698-8310
Event Day Phone: 509-901-0693

Secondary Contact
David Weiss
Title: Teacher
Phone: 509-698-8300
Event Day Phone: 509-901-0693

General Info

Welcome to the Selah Vikings Robotics Tournament!  We are excited for you to come and enjoy a day to show off your skills, and compete.

We will have small concessions available for purchase, and outside food may be brought in.  Water with closing caps will be permitted in the gym, however all food or other drinks will need to stay in the cafeteria.

Please pay at the time of registration.  Teams who have not paid by December 14th will be put on the waiting list.  Cancellations after January 4th will not be refunded.

Doors will open at 8:00 AM

VIQC Qualifying Tournament

This VIQC event is a qualifying event to the Washington VIQC State Championships and is open to all registered VIQC Elementary teams.  The following awards will qualify to the Washington State Championship:

(1) - Excellence
(2) - Teamwork Champions
(1) - Design
(2) - Teamwork Finalist

The event must meet the VIQC Qualifying Criteria for the results to upload to RobotEvents.  The state qualification spots are determined by the capacity of the State Championship, the number of events in the state, and the size of the event.  The number of state championship spots for each local event are initially determined by the event capacity and will be reassessed one week prior to the event.   If there is an out-of-state/region/province/nation team, or a team that double qualifies from the event (not from previous events or other methods), that spot will go to the next highest unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking at that event. There is no look-back to previous events to see if a team has previously qualified. These spots will be filled by the Regional Support Manager after the event has been uploaded and the results have been verified.  If you have questions about the State Championship qualification process, please contact your Regional Support Manager, Lisa Schultz at