Kansas TSA State Tower Takeover (Canceled)


Event Code: RE-TVRC-20-1694

Program: TSA VEX Robotics Competition

Type of Event: Tournament

Capacity: 15 / Spots Open: 15

Max Registrations per Organization: 3

Registration Deadline: Wed, Apr 1, 2020 6:13 PM EDT

Price: $25.00

This event is closed to registration because:
  • This event has been canceled.
Award Qualifies for
Tournament Champions (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Robot Skills Champion (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
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Team List ( 0 Teams )

There are no teams currently registered for this event.

Date: 04/09/2020
Webster Conference Center
2601 North Ohio Street
Salina, Kansas 67401
United States

Travel Info

Travel Information:

This tournament location is:
2601 N Ohio St, Salina, KS 67401
(785) 827-6565
There are lodging facilities and restaurants within a mile of this conference location.

Refund Policy

If you would like a refund you will need to contact Creigh Bell at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament start date.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

This event will not be rescheduled.


If you would like to help at the event, please contact Creigh Bell at creigh.bell@usd410.net.


11:30 Venue Opens
12:00 Registration, Sign up for field times & Inspection
12:30 Skills Challenges Begin (one team every 12 minutes)
4:30 Elimination Match Tournament seeding
4:45 Driver's Meeting
5:00 Elimination Match Tournament
6:00 Awards Ceremony
6:30 venue Closes

Event Dates

Date: 04/09/2020


Webster Conference Center
2601 North Ohio Street
Salina, Kansas 67401
United States

Grade Level: All

Robot Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Contact Information

Primary Contact
Creigh Bell
Email: creigh.bell@usd410.net
Phone: 6203825822
Event Day Phone: 6203825822

Secondary Contact
Ruth DeLange
Email: rdelange@usd260.com
Phone: 6203663388
Event Day Phone: 6203663388

General Info


Consent Form - A completed VEX REC Consent form for each team member. These can be uploaded directly to robotevents.com. They can also be hand-delivered at event check-in.

Robot Inspection Checklist - A Robot Inspection Checklist with the Team's i.d. number and member initials.



Food & Drinks

Outside food and drinks are acceptable at this venue. Please be courteous and care for your items so as to leave the venue in as good or better condition than found upon arrival.

General Information

Competition Preparation: This event is sure to be fast-paced and exciting. All teams should come prepared for competition. Here are a few steps that every team should take to ensure that they are prepared.

1. Review the rules and run through the inspection checklist about a week before the competition so that there is ample time for adjustments.

2. Check the official VEX forums for rule updates and changes.

3. Pack for the event the day before the day of departure. 

Here are a few items that you don't want to forget.

Goggles/Safety Glasses

Spare parts & tools

Batteries and chargers

Programming cable

Power strip

Laptop computer

Banners and other decorations for your team pit

Giveaways if you have them

4. Remember that safety comes first, please don't bring tools that pose a safety risk to your team, or others nearby as the venue is a very tight fit. Also, remember no grinding or other actions that create sparks.

5. Understand how the game will be played. VEX participants are more than welcome to watch the referee training videos before they attend a tournament.

6. Read through the Robot troubleshooting guide.

7. To ensure that you have the latest version of firmware make sure that you have the latest update of your programming software.