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The Stormy VEXU Tournament

Hosted by Chemeketa Community College

10-Feb-2024 Add to Calendar
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6-Nov-2023 20:00 EST
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General Info

Febrary 10th in the NW Ag Hub at Chemeketa Community College.

Contact Charles Sekafetz, [email protected] for specific details.

Grade Level: College

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: All In-Person Judging

Eligible Teams:

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 10-Feb-2024

Chemeketa Community College - Nothwest AG Hub - Building 60
4000 Lancaster Drive Northeast
Salem, Oregon 97305
United States

Contact Information

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8:00am   Venue Opens

8:30 - 9:00am Inspections

9:15am - Opening Ceremonies

9:45 - 12:00pm Qualifying Matches

12:00 - 12:30pm Lunch Break

12:30 - 1:00pm Qualifying Matches

1:00 - 3:00pm Elimination Rounds

3:20 - 3:40pm Awards Ceremony

3:45 pm Cleanup & Breakdown



All volunteers please register here and contact Charles Sekafetz for specific details and assignments.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy


            The Stormy Robotics Tournament is an annual event held at Chemeketa Community College.


            This Emergency Plan is specific for this event and any Chemeketa Community College policy that specifies anything different will supersede this plan and will be adhered to.


Emergency Personnel Names and Phone Numbers

            Chemeketa Community College

                        Public Safety


                        From any campus phone 5023


                        Risk Management

                        John McIlvain



                        Chemeketa VEX Event Coordinator

                        Charles Sekafetz

                        503-399-6254 (W)

                        503-409-0919 (P)

Emergency Numbers

            Security - 5023

            Fire Department - 911

            Paramedics - 911

            Ambulance - 911

            Police - 911

            Facilities - 503-399-5157


Emergency Reporting

            All of these types of emergencies are to be reported to public safety x5023.

            As with any critical emergency call 911 first.

                        Medical - Public Safety 5023

                        Fire - Public Safety 5023

                        Weather related hazards - Public Safety 5023

                        Bomb Threats - Public Safety 5023

                        Spills - Public Safety 5023

                        Structure - Public Safety 5023

                        Power Loss - Public Safety 5023

                        Other - Public Safety 5023


Evacuation Routes

            Evacuation route maps will be posted at the doors.

            The following information is marked on evacuation maps:

                        1. Emergency exits

                        2. Primary and secondary evacuation routes

                        3. Locations of fire extinguishers

                        4. Fire alarm pull stations’ location

                        5. Assembly points

                                    a. Primary - Orange Lot

                                    b. Secondary - Tennis Courts


                        Please see next page for evacuation route map.




Evacuation Procedures

            All participants and staff are to proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly manner.

            All participants and staff will make their way to the Orange lot assembly point.

                        If Orange lot is not available, then all participants and staff will assemble at the                            tennis courts.

            The Chemeketa Event Coordinator will perform a building sweep if deemed safe to do.

            Coaches and mentors will conduct a head count of their teams.

            Coaches and mentors will relay their final count to the VEX Robotics Commissioner who will relay the information to the Chemeketa VEX Event Coordinator.

            The Chemeketa VEX Event Coordinator will then inform Chemeketa Public Safety of any missing participants or staff from the roll call.

            All Chemeketa staff and volunteers will report to the Chemeketa VEX Event coordinator directly.

            The Chemeketa VEX Coordinator will directly relay to public safety and emergency           personnel any missing participants or staff and last known location.













Medical Emergency

            • Call medical emergency phone number (911 and then 5023) for any of the following

  • Paramedics                                         
  • Ambulance                                           
  • Fire Department                        

             Provide the following information:

                        a.  Nature of medical emergency,

                        b.  Location of the emergency,   

                                    Chemeketa Community College

                                    4000 Lancaster Dr. NE

                                    Salem, Oregon

                                    Building 7

                        c.  Your name and phone number from which you are calling.

            • Do not move victim unless absolutely necessary.

            • If CPR and First Aid trained personnel are available to provide the required                    assistance prior to the arrival of the professional medical help allow then to do so.

            • If personnel trained in First Aid are not available, as a minimum, attempt to provide      the following assistance:

                        1. Stop the bleeding with firm pressure on the wounds (note: avoid contact with                          blood or other bodily fluids).

                        2. Clear the air passages using the Heimlich Maneuver in case of choking.

            • In case of rendering assistance to personnel exposed to hazardous materials, consult                the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.          

            Attempt first aid ONLY if trained and qualified.






Fire Emergency

            When fire is discovered:

                        • Activate the nearest fire alarm

                        • Notify the local Fire Department by calling 911 or on a campus phone 5023.

                        • If the fire alarm is not available, notify the site personnel about the fire                                      emergency by the following means:

  • Voice Communication - Use the PA systems in the Pit area and tournament area.
  • Phone - Public Safety 503-399-5023

              Fight the fire ONLY if:

                        • The Fire Department has been notified

                        • The fire is small and is not spreading to other areas.

                        • Escaping the area is possible by backing up to the nearest exit.

                        • The fire extinguisher is in working condition and personnel are trained to use.

            Upon being notified about the fire emergency, occupants must:

                        • Leave the building using the designated escape routes.

                        • Assemble in the Orange Parking Lot

                         • Remain outside until the competent authority (Public Safety or Chemeketa VEX             Event Coordinator) announces that it is safe to reenter.

            The Designated Official or Emergency Coordinator:

                        • Coordinates an orderly evacuation of personnel.

                        • Performs an accurate head count of personnel reported to the designated                                 area.

                        • Provides the Fire Department personnel with the necessary information about                          the facility.

                        • Perform assessment and coordinate weather forecast

                        • Ensure that all employees have evacuated the area/floor.

            Assistants to Physically Challenged should:

                        • Assist all physically challenged employees in emergency evacuation.

Extended Power Loss

            In the event of extended power loss to a facility certain precautionary measures should   be taken:

                         • Unnecessary electrical equipment should be turned off in the                                                     event that power restoration would surge causing damage to electronics and                               effecting sensitive equipment.

            Upon Restoration of heat and power:

                        • Electronic equipment should be brought up to ambient temperatures before                             energizing to prevent condensate from forming on circuitry. 



                        • Stay calm and await instructions from the designated official. 

                        • Keep away from overhead fixtures, windows, filing cabinets, and electrical                                 power.

                        • Assist people with disabilities in finding a safe place.

                        • Evacuate as instructed by the designated official. 


                        • Be ready to evacuate as directed by the designated official. 

                        • Follow the recommended primary or secondary evacuation routes


                        • Stay calm and await instructions from the designated official.

                        • Stay indoors!

                        • If there is no heat:

                                     -  Close off unneeded rooms or areas.

                                    -  Stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors.

                        • Eat and drink.  Food provides the body with energy and heat.  Fluids prevent                             dehydration.

                        • Wear layers of loose-fitting, light-weight, warm clothing, if available.


Chemical Spill

            When a Large Chemical Spill has occurred:

                        • Immediately notify the designated official.

                        • Contain the spill with available equipment (e.g., pads, booms, absorbent                                    powder, etc.).  

                        • Secure the area and alert other site personnel.     

                        • Do not attempt to clean the spill unless trained to do so.

                        • Attend to injured personnel and call the medical emergency number, if                                      required.


Bomb Threat

            Contact Public Safety 503-399-6254 at once and follow their directions. Evacuate as         directed.

            During the call:

  • Try to listen to details about the caller
  • Be calm and courteous to the caller.
  • Do not interrupt the caller.
  • Try to get details from the caller: when, where, how
  • Remind caller that building is occupied.
  • Any other details: name, location, phone


Chemeketa Community College covers insurance for staff while working during the event.

Volunteers private insurance covers them during the event.

Participants private insurance covers them during the event unless it is part of a sanctioned school program where the school districts insurance covers them at that time.

Refund and Payment Policies

If the Event Partner cancels the event: 

Registration funds will be returned to the each team through standard college procedures.

If a Coach/Mentor completes registration for the event then chooses to withdraw or not attend:

Registration funds will not be returned.

Judging Format

All In-Person Judging - The Team Interviews and Engineering Notebooks will be judged in-person the day of the event. Teams should bring a physical copy of their notebook to submit to the judges.













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