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VEXU- Battle by the Beach Skills Only

Students will receive free admission to run skills if volunteering for Battle by the Beach

10-Nov-2023 - 12-Nov-2023 Add to Calendar
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Field Control System
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Texas - Region 3
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1-Sep-2023 12:00 EDT
Registration Deadline
27-Oct-2023 15:00 EDT
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27-Oct-2023 10:59 EDT

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General Info


Battle by the Beach will be hosted at Texas A&M Galveston. 

VexU students will have the option to participate in skills for free if they choose to volunteer for our two blended events VEX IQ's Full Volume & VEX VRC's Over Under. 


Our Staff:

Our VexU referee is an expert at her trade. She has refereed in multiple world championships, signature events, and the U.S. Create event. 

Live Streaming:

Our event will be live-streamed on YouTube. Links will be posted and shared prior to the event. 

Fun Stuff To Do!

Sea Life Facilities:

Students will be provided walk-through tours of our sea life facility from 9 am- 4 PM Friday. More detailed tours will be provided to those who sign up at the event. The detailed tours will be limited and are on a first-come basis. Space is limited. 

Ship Simulators: 

Ship simulators will be open for tours from 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM on Friday. In-depth, training will be provided to interested students on Friday from 5 PM- 6 PM. A sign-up will be on sight and provided on a first-come basis. Space is limited. 

Sea Camp Dissections: 

Opportunities to explore cartilaginous fish and the bony fish will be available from 9-5 Friday. These will be walk-up labs and no scheduling is needed.


Vendor exploration will be set up in the Flag Room. Vendors will have booths for students to navigate throughout the day.

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There are a plethora of hotels to choose from that your teams and families will receive discount codes for! In addition,  Visit Galveston has secured special QR codes that will be shared with all registered teams to provide discounts for dining, and entertainment such as the Pleasure Pier, Moody Gardens, and local museums. 

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier is a MUST SEE! | Galveston  pleasure pier, Galveston island, Galveston

Food and drinks

No outside food or drink may be brought into the facility unless medically necessary and are communicated prior to the event. Picnic areas will be provided outside. It is our hope that students will enjoy dining with the students and staff at the highly-rated facilities on campus and fully indulge in "campus life". All lunches Must be ordered by November 1st. An email with an order form will be distributed to the email associated with each registered team and shared on slack. Lunches will be picked up in the Flag room. Please only send coaches to pick up meals for the team. 

Please email lunch forms to [email protected]

Drive Team Meeting: 

To simplify the day of the event and really give our teams the opportunity to think up some good questions for our coaches, the Google form must be completed prior to October 20th. Please list which game your question is pertaining to. A link with the drive team meeting will be sent out to the email associated with the account prior to the tournament. This will also be posted to Slack.  This will be a prerecorded video that teams can watch at their leisure. This way, students are afforded more time to explore all that the event offers.

Grade Level: College

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: All In-Person Judging

Eligible Teams:

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 10-Nov-2023 - 12-Nov-2023

Texas A&M University at Galveston
200 Seawolf Parkway
Galveston, Texas 77554
United States

Contact Information

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High-quality events rely on volunteers! Even if you have a team registered, there is a job for you. Please share with the groups that will be traveling with your teams. A lunch and shirt will be provided to all volunteers.


Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

The event will be held inside. We will follow city guidelines for emergency weather policies. In the event of a cancelation, I will do my best to reschedule with the venue. Please note this is not a guarantee.  

Refund and Payment Policies

If the Event Partner cancels the event: a full refund will be issued

If a Coach/Mentor completes registration for the event and then chooses to withdraw or not attend: there will be no refund. 


Health and Safety Policies

There will be multiple pediatricians on site for emergency situations. A&M and GISD will have a medical plan on file. For minor scrapes and cuts each TM table is fitted with a first ade kit. Each Team will have to submit a waiver for the facility as well. These will be provided upon registration. 

Date: 10-Nov-2023 - 12-Nov-2023
Texas A&M University at Galveston
200 Seawolf Parkway
Galveston, Texas 77554
United States

Travel Info

We are working with VISIT GALVESTON to provide you with discounted blocks for the event. 

These blocks will be posted shortly for Moody Gardens and the Tremont! 


Live streams will be posted soon! 

Judging Format


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