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Communication skills, teamwork, and professionalism

Evan Rogerson

One of the key criteria for the design award (and many other awards) is:

Team interview demonstrates effective communication skills, teamwork, and professionalism.

Does this mean if a team receives a low score in the "TEAMWORK, COMMUNICATION, PROFESSIONALISM" category on the interview rubric, they would be ineligible for the award? If so, is there a certain number or proficiency level that should be considered a cutoff for receiving awards with this key criteria?

Answered by Competition Judging Committee

From the Guide to Judging, under the section "Judging Principles"

**Qualitative Judgement **

Judges are expected to apply qualitative judgment to award criteria when making final decisions on all judged awards. As such, a particular or overall score on a rubric is not an automatic disqualification for any judged award.