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Do all Judges need to be Certified?

Afnan Ali (Event Partner)


In the Guide to Judging - Judging Roles page ( under the Judge role it says

"Highly encouraged to have passed the Judge Certification Course for local qualifying events. Event Partners and Judge Advisors should encourage all Judges to be certified for Event Region Championship or Signature Events."

In the Guide to Judging Event - Prep and Execution Page ( under the judge section it says

"Complete the Judge Certification Course"

This seems to both say that Judges are recommended to be certified and that judges are required to be certified. Could you please clarify which is correct?

Answered by Competition Judging Committee

Judges are highly encouraged to complete the Judge Advisor / Judge Training & Certification Course, but it is not required.

It is a requirement for the Judge Advisor to have completed the Judge Advisor / Judge Training & Certification Course.