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Official Q&A: Judging Usage Guidelines

Code Supplements in the Engineering Notebook

2 months ago

The Judge Guide penalizes unbound, loose leaf, and spiral notebooks used as engineering notebooks.

A bound quadruled notebook is the preferred format, and bound notebooks are given bonus points on the Design Award Rubric. The notebook must have been bound before any entries were made in it. Zero points [out of five] for any other notebook construction.

There have been many clarifications on the definition of a “bound notebook”. We have multiple bound notebooks in a binder, which is considered bound overall as per Q&A’s 372 and 406.

Additionally, we have printed code placed in sheet protectors (organized by dividers) in the binder with the notebooks. While code and software design are addressed in the bound daily logbooks, this separate section is intended to supplement the daily logbook with a complete record of our code. Thus, this section spans more than 60 pages and contains around ~2.4k lines of code.

Would points be lost under the “bound notebook” requirement for having the printed code in this format? If so, could this penalty be avoided by labeling the section “Supplemental Documents”, “Complete Record of Code”, or something else?

Is there a recommended way, if the above is not acceptable, to neatly integrate a large volume of code into the engineering notebook? Would judges prefer for such a section to be removed entirely?