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Farmersville VRC training Summer 2022 2nd

29-Jun-2022 - 30-Jun-2022
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General Info

The REC Foundation Education Training will instill the energy and passion for the REC Foundation's mission and vision through relevant and engaging experiences. We will work together to provide multiple avenues for learning and participating in robotics competitons as well as a realization of a contribution within the engineering field. 

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Event Dates & Locations

Date: 29-Jun-2022 - 30-Jun-2022

704 McKinney St
704 McKinney Street
Farmersville, Texas 75442
United States

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VRC Training Agenda: 


Breakout Session 1

Introductions/Byte 1 

● Class Introduction 

● Role as coach


● Component Overview

Base Build 

● Base Build

Drive Preparation 

● Controller Update 

● Firmware Update

Break/Byte 2 

● REC Foundation website - VRC resources and Curriculum

Driving Practice 

● Practice driving using the Default Driver program on multiple mazes and competition field.



Fundamentals of Programming 

● Lunch Break 

Breakout Session 2 

● Basics of Programming

Autonomous Maze Challenge Break/Byte 3 

● Program Autonomous Processes 

● Complete maze using simple commands 


● website: Products, Builds, Curriculum, Downloads

Day 1 Wrap-Up 

● Get Organized 

● Review goals for next day 

● Delta Cards (Questions for next day)


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VRC Training Agenda: Day 2

8:30-11:30 Breakout Session 3

Opening Remarks/Registration ● Review Day 2 Goals ● Delta Card Review 


● Team Registration

Programming 101 ● Driver Control Programming ● Driving Challenge

Break ● Break

VEX Competition Challenge ● Game Review and Rules

Programming 102 ● Conditional Statements ● Programming Challenge

11:30-12:30 ● Lunch

12:30-3:30 Breakout Session 4 Programming Challenge ● Programming Skills Challenge 

Design Process ● Engineering Notebook ● Engineering Design Process 

● Model EDP: Brainstorm ideas for 

design modifications 


Programming 103 ● Programming Sensors

Break/Byte 4 ● Fundraising 

● Online Challenges

Optimizing for Competition ● VEX Robot Builds ● Optimizing tips 

● Use Engineering Design process

Programming 104 ● 15 Second Robot Skills Programming Challenge 

● Practice autonomous programming & 

use EDP to iterate design

Day 2 Wrap-Up ● Questions and Delta Cards


This training is a specialist lead training and volunteers can be present. 

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

We will find solutions to all emergency situations based on Farmersville ISD's policies. 

Refund Policy

No refund needed. It is an investment of time.  (Event is free)