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VRAD Python - 3pm EST - Ranking Matches for PYTHON

Event Code
Virtual REC Foundation Aerial Drones
Event Type
Field Control System
Spots Open
Event Region
Standard Registration Opens
17-Dec-2021 15:01 EST
Registration Deadline
1-Feb-2022 23:59 EST
This event is closed to registration because:
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

This Ranking Session is for teams competing using PHYTON coding.  

Matches will be held on Rododuel at

There must be a minimum of 5 teams registered for this event or it will be cancelled when the registration closes.

Registered teams will be randomly paired with each other to compete in 4 matches.

Each match is 10-minutes long, with a 10-minute break between rounds.

The Primary Contact for the team will be emailed a link to each match after registration closes and at least 12 hours prior to the start of the first match.


Grade Level: All

Skills Challenge Offered: No

Judging Format: No Judging

Eligible Teams:

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 3-Feb-2022

Anywhere, Texas 00000

Contact Information

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12 hours prior to the first match, the primary contact will be emailed a link to join the assigned matches.

All teams play at the same time for 4 rounds and will be randomly paired with another team from the event. 

If there are an odd number of teams, 1 team will sit out each round, then those teams will play in a 5th round to play their 4th match.

If there are only 5 registeted teams, each team will play against each other team exactly one time. 

Round 1 Matches Start at 3:00 PM, EST.

Round 2 Matches Start at 3:20 PM, EST

Round 3 Matches Start at 3:40 PM, EST

Round 4 Matches Start at 4:00 PM, EST

Round 5 Matches Start at 4:20 PM, EST (If necessary due to an odd number of registered teams, where 1 team sits out each round. This is that make-up round for those teams.)


This is a virtual event. No volunteers are needed.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

This is a virual event and will not be cancelled. 

Refund and Payment Policies

This event is free with no need of refunds in the event it gets cancelled due not meeting the 5 team minimum.