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High Flying Into Spring

Event Code
RECF Aerial Drones Competition
Event Type
Spots Open
Event Region
Florida - North/Central
Max Registrations per Organization
This event is closed to registration because:
  • It is past the registration deadline.

General Info

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Grade Level: All

Skills Challenge Offered: Yes

Judging Format: In-Person judging

Event Dates & Locations

Date: 5-Mar-2022

Apopka High School
555 Martin Street
Apopka, Florida 32712
United States

Contact Information

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8:15 AM Doors Open, Inspections Begin
9:00 AM Skills Matches Begin
11:00 AM Skill Matches Close
11:00 AM Team Meeting
11:30 AM Qualification Matches Begin
12:00 PM Lunch Break
12:30 PM Qualification Matches Resume
3:00 PM Alliance Selection Begins
3:30 PM Finals Begin
4:30 PM Awards


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Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

Event is indoors and should be fine

Refund Policy

No refunds

Health and Safety Policies

While we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit, we are committed to making our venue as safe as possible in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your cooperation during this unprecedented time and ask that you Visit the CDC website for the latest information. The following participation standards do meet (and in most cases exceed) current Florida State guidelines.

Competition Safety Measures:

  • Spectators will not be allowed on campus -- only registered teams and their coach/mentor.  
  • Team pits have been relocated to outdoor covered breezeways and/or spaced far apart from other teams (exposure to COVID-19 is greatly reduced outdoors)
  • Entry to competition building limited to the 3-student-driver-team plus 1 mentor (sitting distanced in bleachers) - allowed for each scheduled match time only
  • Only the bare minimum number of persons (referees and certain volunteers) absolutely necessary to running the matches are permitted in the competition building
  • Volunteers undergo temperature checks; wear face coverings; participate in new procedure training; and agree to report contact-tracing

Participant Requirements:

Illustration of a face mask.

Face covering required

Everyone is required to wear a face covering at the event.

Illustration of a person getting a touchless temperature check.

Temperature check required

Temperature checks will be required before entering the competition building, anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be admitted.

Illustration of washing hands with soap.

Wash hands often

Wash your hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds.

Graphic of two persons with an arrow spaced between.

Social distancing

Practice social distancing and keep at least 6 feet (2 meters) between your team and others.

Graphic of a floor marker showing 6 feet of space or 2 meters between persons.

Floor markings

When present, please observe floor markings and posted signs specifying distancing and direction.

Strikethrough of a graphic of a person standing next to another person lying down coughing with a fever.

Avoid contact with people who may be sick

Days prior to traveling to our event, limit activities that may expose you to friends or family members who are sick

Pictogram of a pump bottle of sanitizer applying sanitizer to a hand.

Use hand sanitizer when required

Each time entering the competition area, you will be required to use hand sanitizer. (provided)

Pictogram of a comment bubble above a person wearing an identification badge.

Follow volunteer direction

Please follow directions from our volunteers and have patience as we work through these new event procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I have to go to get my temperature taken?

    Participants will have their temperatures taken at the competition building entry checkpoint.

  2. What will happen if someone has a high temperature?

    Any participant that has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be able to enter the building and requested that the individual see a doctor, per CDC guidelines.

  3. Will I be required to wear a face covering? What if I don’t have one?

    Yes. We are following CDC guidelines as well as local health protocols, and face coverings are required to participate in this event (indoors and outdoors). Please see details below on what is considered an appropriate face covering for your visit. If you do not have a face covering, we have them available for purchase. Also, children under the age of three are not required to wear face coverings.

  4. What is considered an appropriate face covering?

    An appropriate face covering for a visit must fit the following criteria:

    • Must cover your nose and mouth and be secured under your chin
    • Must fit snugly against the sides of your face and be secured with ear loops or secured around your head
    • We recommend that face coverings be at least two-ply (consist of at least two layers). Also, a gaiter is not considered an appropriate face covering 

    The following are NOT permitted at the event:

    • Face coverings with exhalation valves
    • Face coverings that are not secured with ear loops or secured around your head
    • Face coverings that include mesh material or holes of any kind
    • Face coverings that are unable to be secured under your chin, such as bandannas
    • Costume masks or veils, per our costume guidelines
  5. Where can I purchase a face covering?

    A surgical mask-type face covering will be available for purchase.

  6. What about face coverings when participants are eating?

    Participants must wear face coverings at all times, unless they are actively eating or drinking, and they must also be socially distanced from other travel parties while consuming their food or beverage.

  7. What if I’m traveling from out-of-state?

    Visitors should be aware of and comply with government guidelines regarding travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines before visiting our campus.

Date: 5-Mar-2022
Apopka High School
555 Martin Street
Apopka, Florida 32712
United States

Travel Info

Apopka High School
555 Martin Street
Apopka, Florida 32712
United States