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Division Level Awards and Qualifying Spots

James Jobe (Event Partner)
9 months ago

When running an event with divisions, the current version of TM now defaults all awards to division level awards and must manually be put back to event level awards. After running an event with divisions, it looks like robotevents can handle division level awards for all events and correctly receive this information from TM. Is it possible for qualifying events to use World's style award structures (judged awards for each division) rather than event wide awards for qualifying awards? I know there would have to be an adjustment to qualifying awards based on the spot level assigned to the event (i.e. both design awards given a qualifying spot, but robot skills champion not at a 5 spot event). I assume this is a non-issue for non-qualifying awards.

Answered by Competition Judging Committee

This question is related to the Qualifying Criteria structure, not to judging or the judging process. Please reach out to your Regional Support Manager for guidance on this question.