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LRT9 - touching scored balls

10 months ago

<LRT9> This rule is a modification of the definition of Scored. In a Live Remote Tournament, a Ball may be considered Scored in a Goal if it is still touching a Robot of either Alliance color. Note: The intent of this rule is for Head Referees to give Teams the “benefit of the doubt” if they inadvertently contact a Ball when attempting to Double / Quadruple a Goal.

This seems clear, but I wanted to verify my interpretation that teams may inadvertently only contact a ball when attempting to touch a goal. Teams cannot however be touching a ball with the intent to hold the ball in the goal.

In a recent LRT event, a team was able to put five balls in the center goal by using their robot to prop/cradle the balls in. This seems like it is not the intent of the rule covered by the specified note.

In order to demonstrate, the team was asked to move the robot away from the tower. The team admitted that the ball would then not be scored (they were honest) and the team moved their robot away and only four balls remained that met the definition of scored. Four balls were then marked scored and the robot was marked as touching the goal.

Is this the correct interpretation of LRT9?

Answered by Game Design Committee

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