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Legality of Lock Washers Under <R12>

Ryan Hurst (Event Partner)
10 months ago

What is the legality regarding the use of Lock Washers, they are a common commercially available hardware, would they be allowed under this rule?

Answered by Game Design Committee

Please review the Q&A Usage Guidelines before posting, specifically point 3, "Quote the applicable rule from the latest version of the manual in your question."

Rule R12, including its "red box" clarification, reads as follows:

<R12> Certain non-VEX screws, nuts, and washers are allowed. Robots may use any commercially available #4, #6, #8, M3, M3.5, or M4 screw up to 2” (50.8mm) long (nominal), and any commercially available nut, washer, and/or spacer (up to 2” / 50.8mm long) to fit these screws.

The intent of the rule is to allow teams to purchase their own commodity hardware without introducing additional functionality not found in standard VEX equipment. It is up to inspectors to determine whether the non-VEX hardware has introduced additional functionality or not.

Standard VEX hardware does not include lock washers; therefore, this would be considered introducing additional functionality, and would not be legal.