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Do Double scored goals count for Goal Ownership and Connected Rows?

Lael Grant (Event Partner)
11 months ago

The game manual states that an owned Goal is defined by a ball's vertical position in a goal: "Owned - A Goal status. A Goal is considered Owned by an Alliance if its colored Ball is the vertically highest ScoredBall in that Goal." - page 9.

It also states in Figure 11 of the same page: "The two bottom-most Balls would both be considered Scored, as they are partially within the outer edge of the Goal"

This leads to a few questions that need clarification:

  1. Is the status of an owned goal dependent on vertical positioning (IE - must be completey within the upper edge of the Goal (Figure 8) ONLY? If this is the case, it means a goal could be simultaneously owned by both alliances (eg; one red and one blue ball both partially in the goal at the bottom level at equal heights).

OR is it intended that to own a goal, the ball must be BOTH the highest vertically contained within the upper edge of the goal AND the outer edge of the goal, in which case only one alliance could own a goal at a time.

In the case that a goal CAN be simultaneously owned by both alliances, would it then be possible that BOTH alliances could use a goal(s) to form a connected row(s)? Eg: a corner goal has both red and blue balls at the lowest level only, and at 90 degrees along two walls one connected row is red, and the other is blue.

Answered by Game Design Committee

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