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Custom Wood Field Perimeter Wall Height

1 year ago

Our wooden field perimeter is built entirely within the vex perimeter dimensions, except for the height of some walls that are roughly double the height of the vex perimeter of 11.50 inches (pictures attached). The rationale behind this was ease of construction, the fact that it doesn't affect the way the field is set up or played (unless the robot is trying to actively toss balls out of the field), and our perimeter would be backed against the wall of our facility anyways, causing the same effect. We also made cutouts at the proper height to properly mount the corner gussets for all 4 corner goals, and we took care to mount all of the goals properly. All the other dimensions for the vex perimeter is met as well, as well as for the goals. Is this okay for Remote Skills-Only competitions, or is it mandatory to make the wall heights of the perimeter identical to the actual VEX perimeter?

Thanks! img img img img

Answered by Game Design Committee

On October 1st, Appendix A was updated to include specifications regarding non-standard fields.

Field wall heights must fall within: H = 11.5” (292.1mm) min to 12.5” (317.5mm) max

Therefore, no, this field would not be legal.