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<T12> Alliance Selection Communication

Oscar McCullough (Event Partner)
1 year ago

Hello, asking a question about communication devices being used during Alliance Selection. To clarify, communication devices such as using cell phones or headsets to communicate with their team members that aren't up near the fields for alliance selection. This is beyond just having notes/app on a device. These team members could be in the stands or in the pits.

A tangentially related rule is G7, which states: During a Match, each Team may have up to three (3) Drive Team Members in their Alliance Station and all Drive Team Members must remain in their Alliance Station for the duration of the Match. Drive Team Members are not allowed to use any sort of communication devices while in the Alliance Station. Devices with communication features turned off (e.g. a phone in airplane mode) are allowed.

It's clear that teams communicating from the stands or elsewhere to a drive team during a match is not ok. Does this also extend to alliance selection in terms of limited communication?

Answered by Game Design Committee

There are no rules preventing this, thus it is legal.