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Discrepancies in Appendix A

1 year ago

There are a several discrepancies between Appendix A and the rest of the manual, as well as within itself.

Sheet 5 of Appendix A states that the mass of the balls has a tolerance of ± 10 grams (see ). However, G19 in the game manual specifies tolerance to be ± 20 grams:

Ball tolerances and weights may vary from nominal to ±0.10” and 20 grams respectively.

Which of these is correct?

Sheet 6 of Appendix A shows a bracket connected to the third ring of the side wall goal (see ). This bracket appears to secure the goal to the top of the field perimeter. This bracket also appears in the field CAD. However, there is no mention of this part in the field assembly instructions and no such part was included in the field element kit.

Does this part need to be used?

Answered by Game Design Committee

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This question will be addressed in the May 25th Game Manual Update.