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Edge of the supply zone, picture in manual does not match description

David Sankey (Event Partner)


Not game rule - definition.

Supply Zone - An infinitely tall three-dimensional volume of the Field bordered by the outer edges of the red PVC pipe and the outer edges of the Field Perimeter (which coincides with the outer edges of the vertical red VEX IQ beams in 2 of the corners). A predefined number of Blocks begin the Match within the Supply Zone (see rule <SG4>). Teams can receive points for Clearing the Supply Zone, and for using it to Park Robots.

The Yellow line matches this description.


However, the pictures with the translucent green plane appear to be a little to the side, in line with the edge of the red 2x20 that is sticking out.


While it is only a small difference, should be go by the edge of the pipe or should we go by the edge of the 2x20?


Answered by committee

For the purposes of defining the Supply Zone, the edge of the red PVC pipe and edge of the red 2x20 beam can be considered functionally equivalent. If a Head Referee finds themselves in a situation where the 1.8mm gap between them is causing confusion, the note from <SC2> should apply:

Note: In cases where a Scoring status is “too close to call,” Teams will be given the “benefit of the doubt,” and the higher of the two possible Scoring statuses should be assigned. Head Referees will not be expected or required to define a perfect horizontal plane or check imperceptibly small measurements.