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<G4> Pre-match setup - Is a spinning motor pre-match legal?


G4 shows the pre-match setup rules as follows:

<G4> Pre-Match setup. At the beginning of a Match, each Robot must meet the following criteria:

  1. Only be contacting the Floor and / or the Field perimeter (i.e. not contacting any Balls, other Field Elements, or other Robots).

  2. Fit within an 11” x 19” (279.4mm x 482.6mm) area, bounded by one of the Starting Positions.

  3. Be no taller than 15” from the Floor.

    There is no mention of motor run status in this rule, based on this absence, can you please confirm that a motor is allowed to spin pre-match as long as the full text of G4 is otherwise followed? Examples included 'spinning up' a ball collector, flywheel, conveyor belt, etc.

Answered by committee

No, this would not be permissible.

Although rule G12 primarily refers to the end of a Match, part "c" and the Note can be applied to further understand this ruling:

c. This rule’s intent is for Driver inputs and Robot motion to cease at the end of the Match. A pre-programmed routine which causes the Robot to continue moving after the end of the Match would violate the spirit of this rule. Any Scoring which takes place after the Match due to Robots continuing to move will not count.

Note: Using a motor’s built-in “Hold” function, such as to remain Hanging, is permissible.

Generally speaking, any time outside of the 60-second Match should be viewed as a "disabled" period, wherein the Robot is not moving and/or responding to any input from its Drivers.