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Official Q&A: RADC 2020-2021

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Discrepancy between locations of cargo ships and hidden dig sites

John Holbrook (Event Partner)
4 months ago

MP2 requires that each drone remain in its starting quadrant during the downdraft period. This suggests that each drone must start the match in the same quadrant as a hidden dig site of the same color.

The various images of the field setup throughout the game manual show each alliance's closed dig sites located in diagonally-opposite quadrants; i.e., one of the blue hidden dig sites is in a quadrant containing a blue cargo ship and the other blue hidden dig site is in a quadrant containing a red cargo ship.

The answer to Q&A777, regarding drones' starting locations, was that each drone starts the match in a cargo ship. In order to start in the same quadrant as a like-colored hidden dig site, this would mean that one of each alliance's drones starts the match in a same-colored cargo ship and the other starts the match in an opposite-colored cargo ship. Is this the case, or should the hidden dig sites each be located in the same quadrant as a like-colored cargo ship?

Answered by RAD Game Design Committee

Each drone starts the match on the landing pad that is located inside their cargo ship. The color of the cargo ship on pages 10-11 identify where blue and red landing pads go.

There was no thought to the color of the hidden dig sites as they are referred to as only hidden dig sites and not red and blue within the rules of the game manual. In retrospect, it would have been more clear if these hidden dig sites matched the color of the cargo ship. Sorry for the confusion.