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Official Q&A: RADC 2020-2021

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Landing Pad Location

John Holbrook (Event Partner)
5 months ago

<MP1> requires that each drone begin the match on a Landing Pad:

Prior to the start of each MATCH, each DRONE must be PLACED. A DRONE is considered PLACED when it is:

  1. Fully contained within the 3-dimensional volume of a LANDING PAD.
  2. Touching the floor.

However, the location of the Landing Pads does not appear to be specified anywhere in the game manual. Where should the four Landing Pads be placed on the field?

Answered by RAD Game Design Committee

The landing pads go in the center of each of the 4 Cargo Ships. The landing pad helps identify if the Cargo Ship is red or blue.

The Cargo Ships are the 4 corner goals.