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Notre Dame Over Under League

Blended VRC HS/MS Region 3

14-Oct-2023 - 2-Dec-2023
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VEX V5 Robotics Competition
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Smart Field Control
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Standard Registration Opens
14-Aug-2023 16:00 EDT
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1-Nov-2023 16:00 EDT
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7-Oct-2023 22:28 EDT
This event is closed to registration because:
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Información general

Thank you for your interest in the South-Eastern Michigan VEX league, for VRC teams of all ages.  This is a Saturday afternoon league.    There will be two regular (qualification) sessions and then a combined qualification 3/finals session.  The qualification sessions would be short with only about 4 matches per team and no judging.  The final event will have 3 or 4 more qualification matches per team, alliance selection, elimination rounds, judging, and awards.   

Leagues are an ideal training ground for new teams.  Experienced teams can use the league sessions to try out new ideas and work out issues in real matches but in a less competitive environment. 

Event Schedule

  • Qualification Session 1, Saturday 10/14
  • Qualification Session 2, Saturday 11/4
  • Qualification Session 3, Finals/Awards, Saturday 12/2

Nivel académico : All

Concurso de habilidades de robots ofrecido: Sí

Judging Format: Remote Engineering Notebooks

Event Dates & Locations

Fecha: 14-Oct-2023
Lugar / ubicación:
Notre Dame Preparatory School
1300 Giddings Road
Pontiac, Michigan 48340
United States
Fecha: 4-Nov-2023
Lugar / ubicación:
Notre Dame Preparatory School
1300 Giddings Road
Pontiac, Michigan 48340
United States
Fecha: 2-Dec-2023
Lugar / ubicación:
Notre Dame Preparatory School
1300 Giddings Road
Pontiac, Michigan 48340
United States

Información de contacto

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Qualification Sessions 1 and 2

11:30 AM - Doors open. Please do not arrive before 11:30.  The doors may be unlocked, but another group uses the facility and will not be out until 11:30.

12:00 noon - Inspections begin, skills field opens

12:30 - Opening ceremonies, Drivers meeting 

12:45 - Qualification matches begin

4:00 - Qualification matches end.  If matches end early, the match field will be used for skills until 4 PM.


Qualification Session 3 / Finals (Dec 2)

24 hours before the event, digital notebooks must be submitted

Friday 12/1

3 to 6 PM Skill field open, inspections begin

Saturday 12/2

8:30 AM - Skills field opens; inspections continue

12:00 PM - Final check-in; all teams must arrive by this time

12:00 - In-person judging interviews begin

12:15 - Opening ceremonies, Drivers meeting 

12:30 - Qualification matches begin

3:30 - Qualification matches end; judging concludes

3:45 - Alliance Selection

4:00 - Elimination matches begin; Awards begin

5:00 - Awards conclude; cleanup

6:00 - Building closes 


Assistance with queueing, refereeing, scorekeeping, judging, field reset, setup, breakdown, and the sharing of field/game elements is always welcomed.

Política de emergencia/mal tiempo

Sessions that are canceled due to bad weather or other one-time disruptions will be rescheduled within the same calendar year.

The entire league will be postponed or reorganized if a state-wide shutdown order is issued due to a health emergency.

Refund and Payment Policies

Sorry, no refunds unless the event is canceled.


Judging Format


  •  Digital Engineering Notebook Submissions / In Person Team Interviews: Team interviews will be conducted in-person at the event. Engineering notebooks will be submitted digitally for evaluation  via a link found within the "My Account" panel of the team contact on RobotEvents. A submission deadline that may be scheduled ahead of the event date.