El Camino Tower Takeover VEX U Tournament

El Camino Tower Takeover VEX U Tournament

Código de evento: RE-VEXU-19-8369

Programa: VEX U

Tipo de evento: Tournament

Capacidad: 16 / Spots Open: 50%+

Max Registrations per Organization: 2

Registration Deadline: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 9:01 PM EST

Precio: US$155.00

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Premio Qualifies for
Excellence Award (VRC/VEXU) World Championship
Tournament Champions (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Design Award (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Judges Award (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Volunteer of the Year (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.
Robot Skills Champion (VRC/VEXU) Does not qualify for any events.

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VEXU Qualifying Criteria


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Date: 01/25/2020
El Camino College
El Camino College
Torrance, California 90506
United States

Travel Info

Motel 6 Gardena
14605 Crenshaw Blvd, Gardena, CA 90249

Refund Policy

Due to fixed Event Partner costs, no refunds are available to teams who sign up and choose to not play in the event.

Emergency/Bad Weather Policy

In the event of rain, the event will still be held, as it takes place indoors.

Other inclement weather is not likely to occur or affect this event.  Event Partner will notifiy you if there is an issue.

Teams should make sure their contact information is up to date in RobotEvents.com and includes both school and non-school phone numbers.


Get Inspired and Have Fun! Be a part of the excitement by joining a team of volunteers who help in a variety of ways to make this event a success for the students involved.

Volunteer Coordinator contact:

Email: the event partner

Experience level: No previous experience is needed for most volunteer positions, and you can even bring your kids for a family activity (for example, Field Resetter is an ideal position for young children). 

Time Commitment: You can register for an entire day, or just a portion of the day as your schedule permits for most positions. 

Meals: Breakfast and lunch is included for volunteers.

Volunteer Positions Needed:

  • Judges (no previous experience required – all day commitment)
  • Referee/Scorekeepers including Skills Referee (previous experience preferred)
  • Field Resetters (no previous experience required. Perfect for kids)
  • Queue Crew (no previous experience required.)
  • Inspector (previous experience preferred)
  • Etc.

Want to find out more about these volunteer roles and expectations? Visit the REC Foundation website at RoboticsEducation.org/volunteer to check out position descriptions and find volunteer training materials. 

Once you have an assigned volunteer role, please carefully review all guides and training materials posted on the Volunteer Resources page before the event at RoboticsEducation.org/volunteers/volunteer-resources/

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7:00 am . . . Doors Open for Volunteers

7:30 am . . . Judge's Meeting - - - Referee's Meeting

8:00 am . . . Team Arrivals / Pits Open - - - Team Check-In and Registration - - - Practice Field Opens - - - Inspection Table Opens

9:00 am . . . Team Meeting (in stands)

9:15 am . . . Opening Ceremony - Please stop all work on robots at this time

9:30 am . . . Qualifying Matches Begin - - - Judging Begins

12:00 pm  . . Lunch Begins

1:00 pm  . . . Qualifying Matches Resume

3:00 pm  . . . Qualifying Ends

3:30 pm  . . . Alliance Selections - - - Judging Ends - - - Field Closes

4:00 pm  . . . Final Matches Begin

5:30 pm  . . . Awards Ceremony

6:00 pm  . . . Team Load-Out - - - Clean-Up Begins

Fechas del evento

Fecha: 01/25/2020

Lugar / ubicación:

El Camino College
El Camino College
Torrance, California 90506
United States

Nivel académico : College

Concurso de habilidades de robots ofrecido: Sí

Información de contacto

Contacto principal
Victoria Martinez
Title: Event Partner
Correo electrónico: roboticsclub@elcamino.edu
Teléfono: (424) 225-2478
Teléfono para el día del evento: (424) 225-2478

Contacto secundario
Brandon Marshall
Title: Event Organizer
Correo electrónico: roboticsclub@elcamino.edu
Teléfono: (310) 220-4248
Teléfono para el día del evento: (310) 220-4248

General Info

This is the 7th Annual VEX Tournament from El Camino Robotics Club. 
Pizza, snacks, and drinks will be available for purchase.

LATE Arrivals

Teams must be checked in 45 minutes prior to the start of the qualification matches so that the match schedule may be printed. Teams must contact the event partner if they are running late or they will be removed from the team list for the event. 

Team Payment

Teams must be paid two weeks prior to the event. Teams not paid at this time may be dropped at the event partner's discretion to allow teams in from the wait list.