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Teamwork, Communication, and Professionalism


The Team Interview Rubric, criteria for Teamwork, Communication, and Professionalism is update at page 39 of the link below. The item to be judged is not the quality of the “contribution to explanations of the design process, game strategy, and other work done by the team” as this is the same for all three levels. Rather, a score of Expert, Proficient, or Emerging is decided based on how many people on the team participate in the discussion.

In this case, a team with more members will have more difficulty for all members to show their contributions. However, in a single member team, the team will default to “Expert” since there is only one member to contribute. Can you please clarify if this interpretation is correct?

Thank you-

Answered by Competition Judging Committee

The objective of this criteria on the rubric is to encourage all team members to participate in the interview, rather than elect a spokesperson or spokespersons (a subset of the students involved) to speak for the entire team. We believe that all students benefit from the communication aspect of the team interview. As such, we strove to design this criteria to be as neutral as possible with regards team size, and removed any specific reference to the number of students on a team.

The Team Interview Rubric exists as a tool for initial team interview evaluations through quantitative comparison. The final determination of all award candidates and winners are done through further qualitative deliberation among judges based on award descriptions and criteria. As such, a team earning a particular or overall score on a rubric is not an automatic disqualification or threshold for any judged award.