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Materials Allowed During an Interview

Dale Nacianceno (Event Partner)

Teams can use their Robot, Engineering Notebook (optional), and Programming laptop to show their code (optional) during the interview – other reference materials, props, or audio/visual aids should not be used to supplant these primary materials for the interview.

  1. Can teams use a V5 controller to control their robot during an interview?
  2. Can teams use Game Elements during their interview?
  3. Can teams use Field Elements during their interview?
  4. Can teams use a Field during their interview (eg. a practice field, or setting up half a field in a pit)?
  5. Can teams take a photos of certain pages of their notebook and their codebase and use them as reference materials?
Answered by Competition Judging Committee

The upcoming Guide to Judging update will clarify what equipment is expressly permitted.

The intent of the interview is for judges to engage with students and their robot and not with audio/visual aids such as presentations or displays.