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High-hanging robot causes vertical bar to bend



My team is experimenting with a robot that hangs from the vertical bar and it is right on the border of the E/F hang tier. If they hold the field perimeter in place to prevent the horizontal bar from bending the field wall inward, the vertical bar is straight and the robot is in F tier. However, with no support, the vertical bar bends/tilts and drops the robot into E tier. Is it legal to stabilize the field perimeter at the end of a match?

Answered by committee

The action you describe would be a violation of rule <G9>, and could lead to a Major Violation and Disqualification for the Match if repeated and/or deemed Match Affecting by the Head Referee.

Per rule <G9>,

Hands out of the field. Drive Team Members are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Triballs, Field Elements, or Robots during a Match, apart from the contact specified in <G9a>.

and clause C of rule <G9>,

Transitive contact, such as contact with the field perimeter that causes the field perimeter to contact Field Elements or Triballs inside of the field, could be considered a Violation of this rule.