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[Possession] Intentional/strategic momentary possession

Jacob Church (Event Partner)

<SG7>. Robots may not have greater-than-momentary Possession of more than one Triball at once. Robots in Violation of this rule must immediately stop all Robot actions except for attempting to remove the excess Triball(s). This rule applies to both intentional and accidental Possession.

Considering this aspect would a robot with wing style mechanisms, a robot could be designed with wing mechanisms that fold inwards to recenter triballs. As it is only momentary this is not a violation

Thinking in that way is this a correct interpretation that a robot as pictured were while stationary to recentre triballs with the concave portion before reopening to a non concave portion. The robot is actively removing itself from possession before continuing any other actions.

Furthermore if this robot were to do this while driving would this be a violation for not stopping all actions to focus on no longer possessing?

Overall is intentional/strategic usages of momentary possession a violation img

Answered by committee

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