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Question regarding possession and concave spaces


<SG7>So according to the game manual, possession is defined as: "A Robot / Triball status. A Robot is considered to be Possessing a Triball if a Robot’s change in direction would result in controlled movement of the Triball. This typically requires at least one of the following to be true: The Triball is fully supported by the Robot. The Robot is moving the Triball in a preferred direction with a concave face of the Robot (or inside of a concave angle formed by multiple mechanisms/faces of the Robot)."

So it is my understanding that if a robot has two triballs in a concave surface, but only one changes direction with the robot that the robot is possessing only one triball. Here is a video demonstrating what I mean: Is my understanding of the rule correct?

Answered by committee

This interaction would likely fall into the "gray area" that is explained in this related Q&A post.

Remember that during a Match, a Head Referee won't be asking for a stable, isolated demonstration of a snapshot moment in time, such as the linked video. They will watch a Robot driving around the field, interacting with multiple Triballs, and make a judgment whether the Robot appeared to be Possessing any of them or simply Plowing through them.

The Note at the end of SG7 is also worth bearing in mind:

Note: There are no rules prohibiting Plowing multiple Triballs. However, Robots which employ Plowing strategies should be cognizant of any accidental Possession risks while doing so, such as a Triball rolling into an intake mechanism while another one is already there.