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Legality of Vertically Slanted Flat Face



According to SG7, we understand that flat surfaces used for plowing are legal.

A Robot is considered to be Plowing Triballs if the Robot is intentionally moving them in a preferred direction with a flat or convex face of the Robot.

However, if a flat surface were to be mounted at an angle (vertically), would that be considered concave and thus illegal? We were curious because a slanted surface could change the way the robot interacts with tri-balls such that it controls the tri-balls more than a vertical, flat surface but less than a concave surface.

The surface in question is still flat horizontally (it is flat when viewed from above), but when it is viewed from the side, they appear to be angled upward.

I've attached a sketch of the theoretical surface to clarify what I mean. Green is the surface in question, black is the robot chassis, and blue is the drive wheels.


Answered by committee

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