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<G8><T7> Cable Error Issue

Christopher Morris

At an event today, SF1-1 started off the Autonomous Period as usual and both Blue Robots moved and scored for their alliance. At the end of the Autonomous Period, as I was starting Driver Control, one of the Blue teams stopped me due to them saying that their robot lost connection to the field. We were running the V5 Brains. I verified that I had a connection to the controller on the brain screen and started Driver Control. When it started, the Blue controller in question was unable to reestablish the link to the robot. They were not permitted to touch the robot as they moved and scored during the Autonomous Period. At this point, the only orange text showing under their tab on the V5 Brain was "No Robot" and "No Program".

As the match was progressing, they unplugged and plugged in the V5 cable to their controller multiple times, without being instructed by the Head Referee or one of the Scoring Referees. Once this occurred, the V5 Brain began displaying "Cable Error on the team's tab.

What is the proper course of action in this scenario?

  1. Replay the match due to a field connection issue < T7 >.
  2. Let the final score stand due to it being a "Robot Issue" rather than a field issue and give the team a warning per < G8 >.

Thank you,

Cowboy Chris

Answered by committee

We cannot provide a blanket answer that would encompass all possible scenarios in which a Match may (or may not) qualify for a replay under rule <T7>. Either of the solutions you propose could be reasonable in this situation, but the choice would require more context and understanding of the Match than can be provided in a snapshot description.

While Match replays should be rare, any Match can be replayed if agreed upon by both the Event Partner and the Head Referee based on the context and circumstances of the Match. The examples provided in rule <T7> identify some instances in which a replay may be justified, but are not a complete list.