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T13 and Event DQs


<T13> states that in the Elimination rounds, any alliance with a team that is disqualified is disqualified as a whole.

<G1> states that extreme violations of G1 may result in a team being disqualified from an entire event (event DQed).

There are several potential scenarios for which I hope the GDC can provide clarity:

  1. In the elimination rounds, one team on the Blue alliance is event DQed for an egregious G1 violation. Does the entire blue alliance receive a Disqualification for the current match under T13, or is the offending team simply no longer allowed to play?
  2. If so, if in the elimination rounds, if one team on the red alliance and one team on the blue alliance receive an event DQ, what should happen?
  3. What if in the elimination rounds, one team on the Blue alliance is event DQed, while a team on the Red alliance is match DQed for expanding outside of the field?
  4. The same as #2, but what if this occurs during the Final match?

I understand these scenarios are hopefully extremely rare, but at least one of them has (infamously) occurred in the past. My hope is that if one of these unhappy situations were to occur again, then event leadership will have clarity on how to proceed. Thank you.

Answered by committee

Event-wide Disqualifications are rare, and are only awarded in the most extreme of circumstances. In all instances where a Team is Disqualified from an entire event as a result of a serious <G1> violation, this decision is made in coordination with the Event Partner and an REC Foundation Event Engagement Manager or Regional Support Manager.

We cannot provide any further blanket "if-then" answers that would encompass all hypothetical causes for this Disqualification to happen, as they are highly context-sensitive and therefore outside the scope of this Q&A forum. As noted in G1, "Violations of this rule will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis." This means that the Head Referee, Event Partner, and REC Foundation staff will make a case-by-case decision based on relevant circumstances of the Match, the event, and the violation(s) in question.